8/28/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with The Neville Brothers

Sunday, August 28, 2005
New York State Fair
Syracuse, NY


New York, even upstate, just won't let you be. Bobby rolled into a mid tempo (slow?!) Truckin' to start the show relaxed and bluesy, with a couple of great "Blues is Alright" refrains tossed in for good measure. Brown-Eyed Women popped and crackled out of the gate, and Mr. Weir was singing his heart out. Silvio, a Hunter penned Dylan tune from the eighties, takes on new life with Ratdog even adding some 'Tequila!' a la Sammy Hagar before finishing it out. (No, the former VH frontman didn't show up, it was the Tequila....) Schoolgirl rocked, as did all those in attendance, many of whom were probably not born when we first clapped Not Fade Away to bring the boys back onstage. It was nice to see the tradition continue. Samson was an energetic encore promising more for the future than Brokedown or Baby Blue might have years ago.

As for New York State, the troopers were out in full force. One young man was actually ejected from the concert (not the fair) for cocaine use. C'mon, outdoors? Cocaine? At the edge of the bleachers? Right in front of Security?! But I digress. Another couple fellas were pulled apart and out for making some rather unaffectionate advances toward each other. I'd like to think these were the only disturbances of the night but I doubt it. All in all just another stop on the long strange trip, last night in Syracuse.

Jeff Michel, Rochester, NY
What a night! There was something electric in the air last night! I don't think I heard such crunchy Ratdog tunes before last night. Amazing Truckin' after a brief jam, then headed straight to Brown-Eyed Women. Surprisingly enough, Althea led to Black-Throated Wind. But my personal fav, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.... And no, we will never fade away. The Nevilles also put on a stellar performance and introduced us to their classic drum pounding sounds wiwth lots of soul.... Couldn't get enough.

Jason Matarazza, Buffalo, NY
Bobby looks great!! The band was as tight as I've heard Ratdog sound. Loved every second. Very addicting. Albany is just a short drive. hmmm

Tom, Syracuse, NY
AMAZING SET AND SHOW!!!! But it seemed a little short. I was ready to keep dancing for another set, but Samson and Delilah encore was great. Ashes and Glass is also one of my favorite bobby tunes. Peace.

Mike Hoffman, Hamburg, NY
There were some nice "vibes" in the air that night. Could have been better without the "ways and means" of good old New York State. I was asked to put out my (tobacco) cigarette. Ratdog played crisply with lots of passion, and Weir sang with strength. The Neville Brothers got things rolling nicely, and Ratdog carried it home. Lots of fun to see those little "Cosmic Charlies" truckin' around. I'll I could do was smile...

Tony C., Syracuse, NY
That was some of the most groovin music I have ever heard from anyone. I never saw Ratdog before so wow! Truckin' rocked, Brown-Eyed Women was unbelievable, BT Wind was "beyond description," Silvio, Good Morning Lil Schoolgirl, a couple of impressive bobby tunes; NFA was !!! I still can't stop singing Samson and dancing. I didn't sit down the whole show. I was dancing in the aisle. I can't wait for Albany. I am going to try to get front row. That Samson was UNREAL! Bring it on to Albany. I'll be there.

Tommy Vincent, Argyle, NY