9/5/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with Bruce Hornsby

Monday, September 5, 2005
Pepsi Arena
Albany, NY


Wow what a night! Mark Karan has really stepped things up. Shakedown was smoking. Bob seemed on top of his game! He looked a lot more comfortable in this band than he did with "The Dead" last year. Great jam in Terrapin. Really liked that US Flag during the closer. Awesome show! Great energy level!

AJ, Feura Bush, NY
Having been to eight shows the past few months, this summer your as a whole was awesome. The band is consistently energized, creative, and often over the top smokin hot, like the Philly 'Eyes' and the entire NY show last week. Sadly, while Hornsby was also amazing with his incredible ensemble, the joint efforts of Bob and Bruce produced few moments, little magic, and frankly the two seemed to draw little or nothing from each other's presense with the exception of a nice Masterpiece in Philly. The only show I saw which was not awesome, even lousy, was last night in Albany. The band went through the motions, especially during a short and boring Tomorrow Never Knows, and in fact, nothing really peaked. I don't see how Bob and Bruce never combine to play Hornsby's best Dead cover, the most loved Scarlet B. Can't break that out closing night and freak the crowd. The Playin in the Band had bruce there but silent and doing nothing. Really this is what is great in a way, that like the Dead shows of yore, its like a box of chocolates, ya never know what yer gonna get. I guess its better than the prepackaged shows of all other bands that are consistent but lack any spontaneity. So I can live with the pathetic Albany show and go with the flow. thanks Ratdog and Bruce H. for some real nice rockin fun!!

Danny L., Eastchester, NY
Here Comes Sunshine was a great surprise for the opener! The guys really put on an excellent show with tons of energy and definitely firing on all six cylinders. They didn't slow down at all until A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall but picked up the pace again for the rest of the show.

Zak DeGroodt, Chatham, NY
What an amazing night.... Bruce really was on fire during his set, then when the Dog came on, they tore the place down. Everyone around me was having a great time and dancing the night away. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall was amazing, and Terrapin blew me away. I wish the night didnt end! All in All a GREAT F'n Show!

Cody, Buffalo, NY
AWESOME SHOW!!! A lil short in my book, but my 14th DOG show of the year was kick ass! Just was prayin for a Sugar Mag on last nite of the tour, but the Uncle John's and Playin were AWESOME, and SHAKEDOWN WAS THE SHIT! US Blues I loved. At the Wallingford show, I talked to one of Bobby's sound engineers that I've met a few times and asked him if he's gonna be wavin that flag and what happened? They played US Blues and he brought the flag out.... That made my nigh. But anyways, back to Albany--great time.

Walt B, Coventry, CT