10/25/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 25, 2005
The Rave
Milwaukee, WI


For a Tuesday, The Rave was packed. The crowd was well mannered. (I think they all had to work next day.) Bobby did one hell of an opening show to kick off his fall tour. Quite impressed with the acoustic Mexicali. A good opener of Here Comes Sunshine was not expected in my book. Some soundboard mistakes during Tomorrow Never Knows. And of course Bobby must know when I am at a show because of the Uncle John's Band always played in my presence. Thanks Bobby if you read this. My Opinion and gradin, i give the show a B+!

unclejon.com, Wisconsin
I attended the show under false pretenses. I thought it was free with a two drink minimum. I was quite shocked when I was charge $20 to enter. Expensive drinks. The place is a terrible place for a show. It has horrble acoustics. It was difficult to hear the singing for the most part or even at times distiguish the different instruments. I was excited to see Bob and the group. I last saw a Dead member when Phil came to town and played before a Dylan concert, and before that I had not attended a Dead concert since the 80s. I have been a fan since I first bought Blues for Allah and attended many Dead concerts. This concert had one thing I was really impressed by and that was the guitarist. He was great. I enjoyed the opening of the second set tremendously. The version of Blackbird and of Mexicali Blues were wonderful. I only wish the venue and the sound quality were better so I could have fully enjoyed the music.

Kevin, Milwaukee, WI
I was right up front for most of the show and I thought the sound quality was whimsical, except for I could barely hear the sax for most of the show. Also, for twenty bucks or whatever as opposed to 40 or higher, I definitely got my money's worth. Awesome Playin', great opener with Here Comes Sunshine, and I couldn't have asked for better way to end a high energy show than with a super chill Ripple. Bob is a genius. With The Dead he is surrounded by old guys; in Ratdog he has young, fresh talent all around him, and it sounds sweet to me!

Alex, Mukwonago, WI
great tunes bad acoustics.

gratenorthern ear, st. paul, mn.