11/1/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, November 1, 2005
House of Blues
Cleveland, OH


I've seen RatDog every time they been within 200 miles of Cleveland since 1996, and last night's show was hands down the best!!! They were tighter and more energetic than I've ever seen. Great setlist!

Bill, Westlake, OH
This show was awesome. The moment I walked through the doors I could feel how high the energy was. The guys did me proud; it was the first time in a long time that I've seen them all look like they were enjoying themselves, not just doing their jobs. After the first set, I had no idea how they were going to top themselves when they came back out. It took me the rest of the night and most of today to pick my jaw up off the floor. The jams were incredible. The crowd was never still. Thank you, for a real good time... and to 'my' roadie, thanks for waving that flag again, it made my night better by ten fold. :)

Ash, Buffalo, NY
Great show. Mostly Dead stuff but with more muscle or purpose or drive or whatever. REALLY liked Big River and Deep Elem Blues--taking the basic songs we all know and love and just twisitn them around a little bit and wringing more energy out of them than I remember them ever having. Wish I had time to follow and see more shows. Dog gets better and better evry year.

kav, Cleveland, OH
Hometown show. Nice to see Bobby being "Bobby"! I was very impressed with this lineup, especaially Jeff! Man, he smokes!!!!

Set one highlights: Big Boss Man; a monster New Speedway; The Lost Sailor > Saint was very bittersweet! Never saw Lost Sailor with the boys and was just eatin it up.

Set 2 highlights: Nice Desolation Row w/ Bob on acoustic. Actually sounded like he was going to play LLRain but bailed. Wonderful Scarlet, but the main attraction, folks... THE BLACK MUDDY! Not a dry eye in the place! 8.4 out 10!

Brian Golenberg, Cleveland, OH
Ratdog in Cleveland was the best show I've ever seen! Bobby rocked and really played his heart out. The show had a really dirty blues feel to it. Bobby was so commanding from the stage, evoking a oneness among the crowd. A must see show!!!!!!!

Jen, Benwood, WV
Great show. The first set seemed to be for those of us who have been around for the last 20 years, the faithful my partner called us. The second set was even better, an hour and a half sing-along. Man what a show. I can't wait for the spring tour dates.

Bob, Akron, OH
So many roads to ease my soul, so many roads to take me home! For the first time in a long while I felt home! Thank you Bobby and band!

Kevin, Avon Lake, OH