11/2/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD


WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to Baltimore again. A solid performance tonight that gave testimony to the time the band has spent touring these past months. The CDs sound GREAT! Though the sound was spot-on for the Rams Head venue, we missed the light show; it really added to our experience at the last show here. Tonight's show inspired me to buy tickets for Frederick, MD show on the 8th. See you there.

John, Baltimore, MD
Wanna talk about persprective, saw my first DOG show on the heels of having seen Cream at The Garden in NYC at $350 (face value--you heard it right). For $30, a tiny venue, and just a road trip away, Bob and the boys completely blew away Cream, as they do everyone else in terms of sheer energy, creativity, spontaneity, and all those things that make a live show great. With all due respect to those unhappy critics, when in doubt, just zero in on the sax playing and the hypnosis will set in.

Last night at the Rams Head was awesome. Highlights would include a killer Crazy Fingers jam, a smokin Easy Answers, and an inspired Looks Like Rain, and of course the sweeet China-Rider to close had the place groovin for sure. Good crowd and great energy--just biz as usual for the boys, who are havin just too much fun on stage. These small venues are incredible, more fully appreciated after seeing Clapton unable to fill a cavernous Madison Square Garden with enough energy to get people off their asses with his frankly tired jams. Love Rat's every note people, 'cause nothin lasts forever.

dliebo, Eastchester, NY
HOT 'DOG !!!! This band has heart! They have heart, they have sould and they play from way deep down within. They just keep getting better and better and better as time goes by. What's better than the young Bobby? The older, wiser, more seasoned Bobby. Wednesday night's rendition of Peggy-O just fed the soul. Thank you Ratdog--every single one of you. I've been listing to the CDs of the show non-stop for days now and I just can't break away from them. Whether it's Shakedown Street, Peggy-O, Lazy River Road, or the phenomenal encore: Ripple. My cup was empty, and it's filled again. I.O.U.

Chris Clarke, York, PA
A really fun, superbly performed show. Upbeat throughout most all of the 1st set. Highlights had to be the "Shakedown" opener, which was a little slow to start, then interestingly segued into "She Belongs...", which served as an excellent bridge to "Easy Answers." Super hot, super greasy Easy. Sooo smokin' during the bridge jam, then like a drop in a bucket of water, plops right into that heavy bass line and coda chorus. Awsome.

"Crazy Fingers" mellowed everyone before a surprising "Bombs Away," by far the slickest song of the night. Sliding into "Easy to Slip" was icing. "Big RxR Blues" was the energetic high note, perfect for a set closer, harking back to the good 'ol days.

2nd set left a little to be desired. The acoustic triptych was nice 'n' gentle, but nothing too new here, save for a heartfelt "Peggy O." "Might As Well" gave us some pep, continuing into "Playin'," but then "Ship of Fools" (surprising as it was) took the proverbial wind out of our sails. However, the ensueing jam sans Bobby was great and is what separates this band from others. Sure Ratdog can play our favorites and Bob is as vigorous as ever, but these guys bust loose on the trance jams that merge electronic wizardry with organic grooves, whether it's Kenny on sax or the ever versatile Jay Lane, giving up his drums for the keys. This jam induced swirling trance dancing and was thumpin' courtesy of a simple but kickin' drum beat by guest Vidim Canby (who is this guy?). Wish they could have held that jam longer, even with Bob it woulda been hot. Inevitably the "Playin' Reprise" reminded us why we were here in the first place. And the "China>Rider" gave us a raging finish. Very well played.

"Ripple" proved a soft, nostalgic send-home, but a little too soft for me. Overall, the song selection was the winner this evening. This was a solid show, with a couple twists to make us shout.

Schuyler Gray, Naptown, MD