11/4/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, November 4, 2005
Palace Theatre
Greensburg, PA


Just got back from the show, and it was the first time I've seen Ratdog. I really enjoyed myself and had a good time. Being just 15 minutes away from the venue, I had to go. I was quite impressed with the performance, and the Palace in Greensburg is a great place to see a show. I was in the second to last row and still had a good view of the stage and the sound was pretty good.

Now I went to the show expecting it to be nothing like the Grateful Dead and I wasn't disappointed in that respect. That said, it was good to hear a bunch of the old tunes live again after about 10 years for me. During Minglewood, Bobby had a hard time spitting out Greensburg. I'm not sure he remembered right away where he was. The acoustic FOTD and Corrina were very nice indeed. But about halfway through Eyes, Karan's solo really seemed to struggle and that had an effect of pulling everyone else down with it. All in all, the first 3/4 of the show was nice but they lost me during Eyes and never got me back. Maybe they had designs on trying to be like the Dead but it didn't work for me from that point on. Would I go see them again? That is a hard call. I really enjoy hearing the old stuff but maybe things might be better if he was just Bobby and Ratdog. That's my take on things.

Aldad, Ruffs Dale, PA
I was lucky enough to get Row A tix from TicketBastard!! I took my girlfriend with me and we loved it!! The Music Never Stopped and Minglewood were nice! Being a huge Dylan fan, I was pleasently surprised by two Dylan songs in a row! Funny that Bobby still messes up the Lyrics in Baby Blue, but it was awsome anyway! Senor was good too! Loser was next, followed by a Tenneessee Jed that had everybody up and dancin'!!! Bury Me Standing was a good intro to Women-R-Smarter!!

The Weight was an excellent opener for set two, that song always makes me think of fall tour! The acoustic FOTD was smokin' HOT! A good Corrina can't be beat, but the Eyes > Stronger than Dirt was jammin!! Dear Prudence was sweet! The Foolish Heart is one of my favorite songs ever! Two Djinn in the encore slot seemed odd but was well recieved!!

All in all a good solid show!! Nice venue, good sound, and an upbeat crowd made the experience wonderful!!

Andy Sin, New Eagle, PA
It's the morning after, and I have to say the acoustic jams were great. The venue added to the great sound. Bobby was amazing as always and hearing his voice for the first time in almost two years was really pleasing. Foolish Heart was a great way to end the set. All in all--"deisel" show!!

Erik Eastham, Canonsburg, PA
Just getting myself back together after a long drive from Philly to Pitts and then the show. It was decent. The band played well; they are really tight these days. The venue was nice--old theatre but has been remodeled recently. Sounded good. The set list was okay. Corrina was solid. Two Djiin, a first for me, made the evening after an okay show. C+

Culls, Mars, PA
Wow! It was nice to see Bobby again. The show was a lot of fun, with a great crowd and nice theater. The first set was a great warm up. My favorite was Minglewood, but I've always liked that song. Plus Bobby gave it a little cheese and came back for "Greensburg", which he flubbed the first time.

I enjoyed checking out Bobby's Alverez acoustic in the second set but was really blown away when he brought out the Ibenez with the vine neck. A very jammy Eyes of the world was cool to hear, but it kind of got lost toward the end. Also M Karan seemed to be a little off that night. The second set had a lot of jamming, which provides a shorter setlist but was well recieved by the knowledgeable crowd. Bobby seemed to be having some fun as can be seen in the pix. (Thanks for posting them.) And I had a lot of fun in the second row. Now I got to go buy a new pair of dancin shoes.

charlie gumba, Pennsylvania
I had a great time at last night's show. The venue was pretty nice; not a bad seat in the house. I had the best in my opinion. It was the front row opera seat that kinda peered over the corner of the stage. I was able to look over the band and crowd. The band was so tight and rocked my soul. I thought the setlist was pretty sweet. They played a few songs I wanted to hear: TMNS, Loser, FOTD, Eyes, Foolish Heart. This was the last show for me this year and the best of the three I saw this week. Good times.

J. Goerndt, Eastlake, OH
WOW!, this was the first concert I had ever gone to. I was waiting to see a REALLY GOOD BAND. We arrived at the palace after a 2 minute drive and were immediatly sucked into the atmosphere.

It was an amazing show. I was hoping he'd play a lot of Dead tunes, and he did. (since i dont know a lot of Ratdog.) From the first jam, he immediately kicked the show into high gear. He then brought it into an amazing "The Music Never Stopped," which is an amazing tune. Then into a great New Minglewood Blues. But I think the highlight of the first set was Tennessee Jed. The crowd burst into cheering "TENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, THERE AIN'T NO PLACE I'D RATHER BE!".

After the first set, a man came on and said, "If you would like a copy of tonight's show, go see a man out front, and come back 20 mins after the show." I definitely wanted a copy of the show because it was already so amazing. But little did I know the second set would rock even more.

The crowd cheered when the band came on stage and started tuning their acousic guitars. They then immediately took it into an amazing rendition of "The Weight" which is one of my favorite "The Band" songs. Then Bobby took it into an amazing "Friend of The Devil," which was a definite sing-along with the crowd. It was an amazing tune. They then took it into "Corrina," which was also amazing, and that led to a breathtaking "Eyes of The World." Two songs later, the pianist started to play "Dear Prudence" by the one and only Beatles. THE CROWD THEN ERUPTED! For 9 straight minutes.


Deems, Greensburg, PA
I drove like crazy through rush hour traffic to get to the show on time. It was well worth it. The venue was great, as was the band. It was wonderful to see and hear Bobby again. His vocals and playing were better than I ever remembered. I especially enjoyed the acoustic set; too bad they didn't do more. Singing along to Tennessee Jed with everyone was a real blast, for me one of the highlights of the evening. Thanks guys, I can't wait to see you again.

Jeff Schnarrs, South Park, PA
C/C+ Not embarassing, but definitely not up to the high standard we hold our man Bob to. What's with all the Jerry songs (8 out of 16)? What, Bob doesn't have any good material? What of Picasso Moon? What of Victim or the Crime? Hell, Lazy Lightning/Supplication fer Gawdsakes??? The first set suffered from the downshift into slow tempo material. Didn't really recover totally but Foolish Heart, Two Djinn, and Bury Me Standing were highlights. Mark K. pretty much saved a couple songs (Senor comes to mind). Things seemed off to us. We were reminded of the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - 'It looks like Uncle Ira, but it's not Uncle Ira.' Well, it looked like RatDog, but it wasn't RatDog. Little emotion, no energy. RatDog, where are you??? Oh, well, better luck next time; we'll see you again some other day.

K&JGoon, Pittsburgh, PA