11/8/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Weinberg Center for the Arts
Frederick, MD


Last night the show in Frederick,MD was an absolutely superb show! My grade for the performance would be 'A'. I, however; found the sound sucky. Overall the sound was very muddy with solos getting lost in the mix; nothing jumped out at all. Whoever was doing sound did a poor job, unless the venue was simply uncontrollable.... Considering the venue is a 1920s (I think) movie theater, and not a sports arena, doing great sound should have been a piece of cake. Nevertheless, seeing Bobby again in his own format with this new blockbuster band was extremely enjoyable.

He (Bobby) has a great sense for when to wind down and/or divert the "space jams." His choice of songs was great as well as diverse--his own songs, some Dylan, some Dead, and some covers. The guitarist sounded much like Garcia at times--spooky!! He was a great player, as were all members. Wish i could have heard the horn guy better! @#$%!!. Tip your sound people off, Bobby (or fire them)!

You're getting much better on slide, Bobby; sounded great when I could hear you! Thanks for a great evening!! Great venue, great people, great vibe!

RH Anderson, Olney, MD
I've seen a lot of shows, but catching Bobby and crew in a small place like Weinberg is always something special, even if we couldn't drink or smoke inside. First set was great--played Memphis Blues and a nice touch of Here Comes Sunshine. Hadn't heard Memphis blues in a long time. Second set's highlight for me was Terrapin Station. It rocked for a long time. The band really rocked it, but the distortion sounded more like a broken mic at first. Great rendition of Johnny at the end, but I would have liked to hear a second encore, like he did the last time he was at Weinberg. Good Show.

Brian Eagle, Frederick, MD
NEWSFLASH....NEWSFLASH...! Haven't you heard??? THE EAST COAST IS ON FIRE !!!! The 'Dog has done it again. I had super high hopes, just coming off of Rams Head in Balt, which was a fantastic show ... and these guys did not disappoint! The energetic opener (Here Comes Sunshine), followed by Maggie's Farm.... Memphis Blues was fantastic. (You just can't beat Dylan. Bobby should get a gold medal for just remembering those lyrics....) Limbo was teriffic, then Bobby unleashed the new guitar nad ripped into ALTHEA and it was DYNAMITE, I mean SUPER DYNAMITE!!

I left the show rating it a 7.5-ish, but the more I listen to the live CDs the more I'm enjoying it and giving it more of an 8.5 and Rams Head a 9.5. Limbo gets better every time I hear it, and I've been Hooked on TWILIGHT TIME all day today. (Wow, what a job Jeff... thanks!) This band's got CLASS besides heart and soul! (I'm 36 but I can still enjoy a good oldies song....) Me and My Uncle is one of my favs, and of course the band did not disappoint there either! Although I would've liked to hear something a little more rareish instead of Miracle and UJB (like So Many Roads perhaps), I'm dancing on air here at home as I listen to those songs as well. And what a treat: TERRAPIN STATION! Thanks Kenny! The jam was awesome. CORRINA had ENERGY and was great (thanks Bobby & Mark). Not Fade Away, great as always. The encore, Johnny B. Goode, was excellent and full of energy.

Consequently, the only thing missing was Scarlet Begonias! (Private joke between me and the other ones who picked up set lists after the show.... I was lucky to get one of the set lists at the end and Scarlet was supposed to be after Althea on the first set, but it was dropped.) Boy, I don't wanna see these cats--I mean 'Dogs--leave the East Coast. What a November I've had!!!!!! Take care guys and keep having fun! Your energy and enthusiasm are contageous! Thank you for keeping the torch burning. Ten years ago if you would've told me I'd be seeing such a fantastic ephiphany like this after our Jerry was gone, I would have told you to go fly a kite. The soulful trip continues thanks to all of you. Jerry would be proud of the 'Dog !! He's standing on the moon and lovin' it! Thanks for a great Fall... See you in spring!!! I don't know if I can hold out that long, but I have no choice. NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT SMILE SMILE SMILE :)

Chris, York, PA
Really nice sounding show.... Rat Dog is a very good band, and captures the spirit many times throughout the evening... . The Weinberg Theatre is an excellent place to see these guys, except for the fact that the band sounds too loud due to the small theater. I am not sure if serving hard liquor at the concessions is a good idea because I think the crowd was a little too noisy too. The crowd never seemed to settle down. Maybe it was just me getting older! When this band clicks, they are very good. They have a nice sound and when all the members are "in the groove" they sound like a Grateful Dead concert. I tip my hat to Bob Weir. He sang almost all the songs, and his voice sounded perfect.

RChamberlain, Harpers Ferry, WV