11/10/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, November 10, 2005
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA


It's 2:30, I just got back from Penn's Peak. This show was amazing. The speakers weren't too loud, but the sound was amazing, it was totally INCREDIBLE. Bobby and boys just seemed to play above and beyond their normal expectations. Ratdog just gets better day by day. Highlights: All Along The Watchtower, Desolation Row@, Ashes and Glass, Greatest Story Ever Told, and a great Throwing Stones. What a show!!!!!! A+++

Adam C., Holland, PA
This show was beat. They played decent, but song selection sucked.... The last 3 songs of the 2nd set we're tight--that was about it. Good LL Rain too. First set was a total waste except for Weather Report.

Ed Cawley, Philadelphia, PA
Another steller RatDog performance at Penn's Peak. Started out with great energy through Golden Road and Big Railroad Blues. Slowed a bit through LRR, but then the guys built it back up again through the Easy to Slip into a full throttle Supplication (wish they had gone Lazy here). A long instumental jam on Dark Star was followed by a somewhat disoriented Watchtower where the guys and the crowd both seemed to get lost. Wrapped up well with a good WRS/LIG.

Second set opened with nicely done Desolation Row and LLR and then took off with the highlight of the night (IMO)--Greatest Story into a Silvio/Tequila that had me dancin' in a pool of sweat and adrenaline. Got to rest a bit through the A&G/drums/jam which led into a beautiful Sugaree full of energy from the whole band and the best MK solo of the night. A short Dark Star (will we see the rest of it tonight 11/11) into another dance fest on TS. Liberty was a great choice for the encore and I believe we all want home happy and looking forward to night two.

Deadscott, Doylestown, PA
Great show!!!! The Golden Road was a nice set opener, Easy to Slip was done flawlessly, and the whole Weather Report Suite was an excellent choice for the fall in northeast PA; I could close my eyes and see the changing of the seasons, Mother Earth's last surge of colorful beauty before she falls into her deep winter sleep. Golden hills now veiled in grey, the summer leaves will pass away..... perfection. Other highlights were Sivio>Tequila--how could you stop dancing during this???? And a nice Sugaree. An A show for sure!!!

Lamar, Shenandoah, Pa
Really fun show at a great venue. The Golden Road opener was amazing. The supplication jam was really groovy and trancy, as was Dark Star. Watchtower>Dark Star Jam>Watchtower was incredible... breaking it down dub style! The set closer of weather report>let it grow was a great way to close off a really nice first set. Desolation Row opener was a good version as was the LL Rain. Greatest Story really got me shakin' my bones for sure. The Silvio>Tequilla jam is always fun. I was a huge fan of the trancy drum/sax jam--a lot of really trippy sounds--but the highlight of the night for me was the Sugaree. Mark Karan is an incredible guitar player and this version really showcased. Overall it was a really fun show; the whole band did a really good job. My only complaint is the fact that people weren't able to leave the deck during setbreak. I understand they're reasoning but it was waaaaayyy to crowded out there.

Stealie59, Allentown, PA
Well, the 2 night stand at Penn's Peak was highly anticipated, and with good reason. Last year's performance there blew the Dog community away! After a frigid couple hours in the lot, Bobby and the boys warmed us up with a very nice Golden Road opener that segued neatly into a solid Big Railroad Blues. The town of Jim Thorpe has an actual working railroad that runs through the town and no doubt Bobby got some inspiration from it. Rooster smoked with mellow intensity and was quickly followed by the best rendition of Easy to Slip I've heard the Dog play, and that's sayin something. Ten years in, and they are reaching new heights with this tune. This segued into a sweet Supplication Jam that nicely gave way to a wonderful Dark Star jam. This was RatDog at its spaciest best, and it flowed into a reggae-fied Watchtower that was played better than I've heard anyone perform this song since the Grateful Dead scorched out in '87 on this. It really was impressive and nice to see Bobby take a warhorse of a tune and manage to find something new and worthwhile to do to it. WRSuite, especially Let it Grow, was fantastic. I simply loved this set.

A sweet Desolation Row gave way to an emotionally intense Looks Like Rain, and then Bobby strapped on the electric for a tight reading of Greatest Story. The Silvio>Tequila medley was a nice surprise at this point in the show and really added to this set. Ashes and Glass is one of my wife's favorites, so she was delighted when the band called this one up. They didn't disappoint, giving Ashes a very solid reading. The JAM was nice and Sugaree was another good call coming out of the jam. Dark Star part 1 was satisfying and Throwing Stones has always had a special place in my heart, and this was my first Dog performance since 99 Fillmore. It was long overdue! RatDog rocked triumphantly on this and Liberty was great choice to encore. Superb show, couldn't wait for night 2.

Tyler Ainley, Royersford, PA
Well first off, after 25 years of the GD and Bob in all of its different incarnations, this my freinds was hands down the best show "I" ever saw. Golden Road > Big Railroad--whats up with that ? What a way to start, what a venue, words do not suffice. This was smokin, burning, on fire kickass and take names Rock and Roll. If you don't have this on CD get it now. Ratdog is the best band in the world, period!!!!!!!!

sharkey, Havertown, PA
This show was exceptional. Venue was pretty nice, except the no smoking policy indoors, but smoking was offered in special section. Witnessed minimal fan abuse by facility guards. Sound was excellent. I'd visit this venue again over the Electric Factory anytime.

mfa, Philadelphia, PA