11/12/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 12, 2005
The Palladium
Worcester, MA


I thought the show was great, and leading off with Casey Jones started a long night of great music. They played until 12:45 which is one of the longest shows I have seen in quite a while. Bobby seemed to be right on.

Mike Murphy, Worcester, MA
REAL nice show! Strange venue but great show. I'll let people who know more about sound handle that, but it sounded great to me. The crowd was goin nuts and Bobby had them on a string. Right to business--the boys walked out and absolutely stuck Casey Jones. Bird Song is always good. I think this is one of the bands signature songs now; they play it very well. I loved the way he came back to it in the second set and stayed with it. Jay's solo on Iko (I think) was great! Robin was a dude on Eyes! Baby Blue & Hard Rain covers were GREAT and really pleased the crowd. Althea! Iko! Prudence! I knda wish he'd give Saturday Night a rest for a while but it's definately a crowd pleaser. Bob sent everyone home with Black Muddy! THANK YOU RD!

PeterJ, Clifton Park, NY
Well, I trekked up to Worcester by myself Saturday, and it was worth the trip. Although the band was not as tight as I have seen them and Bobby was lyrically impaired, the set list was outstanding. The first set was kicked off by Casey Jones certainly setting the tone for an upbeat evening. Later in the set, we heard in succession Lazy River Road, Walkin Blues, Baby Blue, Loose Lucy (which was so cranked I was sure it was the set closer), and finally Eyes of the World. This was extremely fine fair and well performed throughout. Early in the set they played Cassidy and Birdsong--great material but it made the closing of the second set (Birdsong>Cassidy>Saturday Night) very predictable. Second set started with Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (I think Bobby got one verse right). Highlight was Bury Me Standing into Iko Iko into Althea. All in all I couldn't complain.

spidergator, Ledyard, MA
Oh, there was a show going on? I'm sorry Bobby, but that was the worst venue that I have ever been to in my life. The sound was horrible. The Palladium is a Hip Hop nightclub for the 18 to 20-something crowd. The staff treated us like children. Between the bar lines and the wrist bands, when I finally got to the front of the bar line, I was informed by a young boy that there was no wine in the place and laughed at like I was an old person for requesting a glass of wine. "No one buys it". WHAT, NO WINE? So, being completely sober, it was easy to notice that there was no place to stand or dance or anything. I was bumped into many times each minute. I couldn't hear the music because all of the teeny boppers were talking to each other loudly and we couldn't get anywhere near the stage. One exception was that we went up to the balcony for the beginning of the second set. The Dylan thing and Friend of the Devil / Althea etc. were kind of nice up there. And I'll admit that Iko Iko got me finally dancing. Black Muddy River was beautiful too. But I will never go to that venue again!!! We were treated like a herd of buffalo!!! We were yelled at like high schoolers at a dance. It was degrading!!! I was going to check out Dark Star Orchestra later this month, but not this tour... not at this venue. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!! I know the Orpheum wouldn't let Rat Dog play long enough last Spring. But that show in APRIL at the Hampton Beach Casino BALLROOM was the best!!!! Someone please tell Bobby... Club Casino! Or anywhere but the Palladium!!!!

Paula Hogan, Winchester, MA
What a show! Amazing setlist and fantastic energy.... Too bad the venue wasn't so hot, huh? Despite the missing seats and not-so-hot acoustics, it was great. Three of us trucked down about 4.5 hours from VT to catch Ratdog... definitely worth it! Thank you~ For a REAL good time....

KCSunshine, Vermont
The show was great; Casey Jones right of the bat was awesome. There was no smoking so that really sucked, but when Bob was doing his thing I was so into it. I want to see them again very soon. Every song was great. The bass feeding back really got everyone into the music. Good show.

Cory, Carver, MA
I've seen The Dog several times, and I have to say that by far this was the worst show. The venue was an absolute disgrace. Security was a joke; the only excitment all night was seeing them chase kids off the balcony. The crowd was a really odd mix of adults and kids, but unlike most shows there wasn't a real positive vibe. In fact, I would guess that 80% of the so-called fans that attended were their only for the drugs or the booze. The other 20% who were there to listen to the music were disappointed. The setlists were creative but in the end predictable. Could we please skip One More Saturday Night just once? And I wish that Bobby would do more Bobby songs and fewer Jerry songs. Also, if your going to cover songs at least remember the words. I hope that I just caught Bobby on an off night. All in all, a WEAK SHOW!!!

Chico, Plymouth, MA
A hard rain's gonna fall? We were more concerened about the plaster. Not the best that we've seen this year, not the worst. Will certainly not be jumping through hoops to go back to the Palladium anytime soon.

Christian & Amy, Poultney, VT
Great show, but like others i think that venue was a fucking drag. I was not impressed with many in the crowd who had no idea who Bobby is and what his music stands for. I wish those people would just stay home. The show was great from the floor--Casey Jones, Loose Lucy, Friend of the Devil, Iko iko were great. Overall, great show, especially the 2nd set...... Peace

Marc O'Shea, East Hartford, CT
Where have the true Deadheads gone? Most of the teeny bop, I wish I was a hippie but missed the boat, idiots almost ruined fine music. The 18 year old security was worse. I was searched (dead sober) twice for flicking my lighter, although that did become a funny gag. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall was incredible--love it when Bobby goes acoustic. Still liked this summer at Tweeter better because of the venue. Unfortunately, Ratdog opened and didn't play long enough. Thanks for the extended play; will always come see you again just not there.

wharfrat, Framingham, MA
Terrible venue. Always has been, always will be. That being said, fantastic show, regardless of Bobby's lyrical slips. Killer opener with Casey Jones. Great versions of Bury Me Standing and Althea. The Dylan covers were great. I agree if anyone from the Ratdog organization does read this, please do not play that venue again. Uunless it is the absolute only place to play, because Bobby at a bad venue is better than no Bobby at all:-) Peace

Dan Ring, Brockton, MA
Great show, 1st set almost an hour and a half. The feedback stopped the show for a minute, but Bobby picked it right back up in mid song, quite amusing. Sick second set. Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall was tough, and Bury Me Standing > Althea > Iko Iko, Dear Prudence > Bird Song > Cassidy reprise from the first set was nuts. I had to jet during One More Saturday Night. Sorry mates; couldn't hang.

NB, Waltham, MA
Not a long review here. Eyes was the highlight of the show. Walkin Blues and Loose Lucy were exceptional, as was the entire first set really. But set two was too mellow for me, and I drove home early, leaving the venue after Aiko. Thanks Bob, you played great songs but the venue let you down. This summer: play the Guilford Fairgrounds, Guilford, CT.

bmcauley, Old Greenwich, CT
The venue is very bad. I will never go back and I never have missed a Ratdog show in driving distance. This place has gotten worse since the 2001 show. But I want to review the band, not the place. Ratdog is always good. As many say a sub par Ratdog show is better then a night at home. They to me were not sub par; they brought me back from a mood was wrecked by waiting in a line going around the building around the back of the building and even farther. The sound was really bad at this place, gotten worse--it was not that bad in 2001? But Ratdog was really enjoyable anyway. I enjoyed how the band kicked back into Cassidy when the power kicked back on. That was great. I seem to be on a Cassidy and FOTD kick. Last three times I have seen them. But anyway, Eyes of the World and Hard Rain were worth the wait in line, dealing with the crappy place, and inadequate process even to get a bottle of water. Hope they can go back to Orpheum or some other place close by other then Palladium. I am super glad Bobby keeps playing and will keep going to see him and his bands always, but don't think even after thinking about it for a week--not back to this place.

TPO, Boston, MA
This was my fourth Ratdog show this year and the first time I've ever given my thoughts on a performance. I took my 19 year old daughter with me, and I was really hoping for an upbeat jamming evening. The upbeat part was definitely nailed with the "Casey Jones" opening. The jamming aspect was nailed down solid between "Walking Blues" and "Eyes" and continued through the night. Mark was unconscious and amazing on guitar all night. "Althea, "Loose Lucy", and "Iko Iko" are just plain fun rocking rides. Closing with the"Bird, Cassidy" con't. was nice, into the mandatory "Saturday"--also nice. One thing I noticed from some of the other RD shows I've seen over the years is that Bobby's voice seemed to stay strong the entire show. Understandingly so, that's not always the case. And it was a long show. The venue is a dump, but so are many of the venues Ratdog plays. I think the dumps add a lot to the evening. Bobby... thanks for another night of enabling me and the rest of the audience to leave it all at the door!

BB, Walpole, MA
Incredible setlist played well. Bad sound system that wouldn't let us hear it with any ease. Can't wait to hear the discs, if they sound good? I thought Casey Jones was incredible and why in the hell have they not performed it up until Woosta! Eyes of the World was ridiculous; got me moving right before cig patrol stole my pack :-( lol.... Yeah, the security sucked--had a kid thrown on me at the end of the night outside by security. What in the hell did i do to get a kid thrown into me? MASS sucks.

Walt B, Coventry, CT
Gotta be perfectly honest. I thought the show was slow and lacked energy, then I got a copy, which recommitted me to my first thought. But it was the first Ratdog/Dead event that my dad (66) ever went to! We live in Syracuse and met my brother Dave in Worcester; he lives in Danbury CT. Spent the Day at a local pub--Creegan's--then headed to the parking lot several hours before the show. Bought some pies from the pizza shop next to the Palladium then headed in. Sat way up top to get out of the traffic. Seen a lot of Doggie shows. Not one of my favs, but to be hanging out on a Saturday night with my dad, brother, and Bobby.... What a long strange wonderful trip it was... peace!

Patrick Burke, Camillus, NY
By far the worst Ratdog show I have ever seen. The venue was terrible, and Bobby kept forgetting lyrics all the while dealing with feedback in the first set. They finally caught a groove in the second set and were able to keep it going for about three songs. Acoustics were bad and place is a dump. RD should hit the Casino Ballroom whenever in this neck of the woods. They always seem to put on a great show at that place.

Dave, Groton, MA
yea i was there,prolly with the same gripes about the venue,i reall had a great time as ive seen all the rd shows that come around,the sound was like,shot over our heads from down on the floor and it really did seem out of place,heres the problem,i hhad a cd of that show and it turned up missing,i really loved the eyes set with kennys sax solo,if htere is anybody out there with a copy please,im mean please can yu send me an email at dogtrux@yahoo.com,would be glad to swap any show ive got phil lesh shows included to get another copy of this show,andyea the worst part i thought was the cops after the show,very hostile :(

rat donnie, north attleboro