11/19/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 19, 2005
Mizner Park Amphitheatre
Boca Raton, FL


Very good song selection at this show; The Dog made some heads turn, especially with the "At a Siding" encore. Very long and funky version of "Come Together" got the Boca crowd moving. Rat Dog is definately worth the price of admission, and Bobby keeps the wheels greased and moving!

Jonathan, Babylon, NY
Well, I find myself in Florida, on a new job, far from home and just on a hunch I look up dead.net to see what's going on. Ratdog is on tour with three shows in this state. Boca Raton was closest, and I thought, "this has got to be a sign that this new job is going to work out." I get my ticket and head out. I got there early just for the parking lot/garage scene. I met some friendly folks who were kind enough to let this old man hang out with them--Jeff, John, and Sam. Anyway, the venue was different. It was kinda like Bobby was playing on a street. The setlist is already posted so I won't cover that, but it was cool to hear Bobby rip through some stuff like Looks Like Rain. Althea was nice, and Cassidy was a good start. It was Saturday night, and it did rain. Jeff told me this was "the rainy season in Florida." Its more like the monsoon season. After the show on the way "home" it rained so hard I almost couldn't see. Yep, this quitting your old job and dragging up stakes deal aint so bad after all. Just add a little "remnants" and go.... "When you get confused, just listen the music play." Thanks Sam for speaking first... keep in touch. I finally got my wristband on tight. Let's keep it that way.

Frank H, Austin, TX
AWESOME! We were directly in front of Bobby and hanging on the stage. It was fabulous and can't wait for tonights show at HOB. We all loved the show. Bobby sounded great and was playing with us too. He was laughing and having a blast. He heard us as well when we requested songs. The band was tight and all having fun! How 'bout my Peggy-O? I loved the show and wish it had never ended. Tonight the magic will continue. Can't wait for my shows to arrive from Munckmix!!!!! Peggy-o

Peggy Fallik, Coral Springs, FL
Bobby and the band played a nice tight show last night. Weir displayed some fine guitar work all night long, as did Mark Karan, and the bass was booming all night long. Definitely one of the best Rat Dog performances I have ever seen. Great covers of All Along the Wathchtower and Hard Rain and The Beatles' Come Together. Excellent finish with Terrapin Flyer and Touch of Grey. Great job boys.

Michael, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I am grateful Ratdog came to South Florida. I was disapointed with the setlist, and the band appeared tired and lacked continuity. They never seemed to get hot and were not very upbeat. I understand not every night can be awesome. Again I am glad they made the trip.

Chris Gumm, Delray Beach, FL
Well well well. It's been a long time since I've heard those sounds. It was The Dead then--somewhere around 1973-74 as a student at Mad-Town at Dane County Collesium. What I remember of that concert was one hell of a time and "Saturday Night." 32 years later and what I remember about RATDOG at B-Raton.... hmmmmmmm...
ONE HELL OF A TIME AND ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Guess good things never change! Thank you Mr. Weir and the RatDog!!!

Bruce D. Smith, Coral Springs, FL
This was my first Ratdog show. I have friends that have seen you guys play over 300 times. I had such an amazing experience at the show that I am now a fan and have jumped on the Ratdog fan wagon. I have to add an additional note. Jay Lane has great energy and I was entranced by it. Great show guys and thank you for a WONDERFUL ROCKING NIGHT! I will see you again! A new fan

Laurie Lombardi, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Came to the USA 10 years ago and got immediately introduced to The Dead since I had to write an essay about Jerry Garcia's death. Having no clue who he, or The Grateful Dead, was, I started to do some research. Ten years later, after a lot of reading and listening, I finally saw Bob Weir and Ratdog live, which i can imagine comes as close to a Dead concert as possible. It was definitely worth the wait; these guys played their asses off! Great to just watch them play and see the crowd freaking out! Great set list! Hopefully see you again soon!

Dennie, Rotterdam, Holland
Absolutely the greatest show I've ever been to. The sound was awesome, Bobby was jammin his heart out, beautiful mix of songs, and plenty of room to dance around. Most free i've ever felt. Craziest thing was that the rain held off just while he was playing, and once the show was over it started up. My boyfriend, being a huge GD fan and seeing 79 of their shows in the past (not to mention all the Jerry Band and other members solo shows) took me to the Albany show 9/05, which was awesome, so we had to take the trip and make it out to Florida for the three last shows of this tour. Now I'm hooked and can't wait to see him again next time around.

Tara, New Jersey
That was without doubt the best I've ever seen Rat Dog perform in my short 49 years of life. I do agree that the Morning dew had a little mist on it and it worked like magic for me. Awesome Other One took me to the place between the notes. What else can I say??? Box of Rain gets me every time and please do come down here again and again. Bobby, Mark, Kenny, Jay, and Timmy laid down some fine jam tonight. Happy trails.......

Michael B., Ft. Lauderdale FLorida