12/2/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, December 2, 2005
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO


Bob and the band came on about 8:10, tuned up for a bit, and the promoter came out on stage and explained how the Fillmore Denver has been open for six years and they have been waiting for the day that Ratdog would play at this venue. Bob and the boys smiled and started a nice jam into a ripping Shakedown Street. Other first set highs were Minglewood Blues, Row Jimmy and a jamming Big RR Blues. Second set was fantastic from Corrina on. The band really got in a groove. It seemed like Bob had something to prove at the epic name Fillmore (even in Denver). Sugaree and St. Stephen were phenomenal, and Bob was was in his familiar head bobbing leg kicking rips. An excellent show and a long one. I clocked 3 1/2 hours of music. Bob, I saw Trey a week earlier at the Fillmore and I gotta say you blew him away!

JACKstraw, Denver, CO
The magnitude of Ratdog playing at the Fillmore was the premise of this show for me. There was a powerful energy in the band; it was overwhelming for me at times. I consider this one of the finest Ratdog shows and a great birthday celebration!

Janet Casabona-Benowitz, Denver, CO
What a great show! I really appreciate the high quality of musicianship and energy that was here. Just really great tunes and a great party atmosphere. Thanks Ratdog; you guys rip! I really enjoyed the Tequila jam as well as the group sing-along with Ripple. A great show for the holidays! They helped bring the snow.

Trevor Ehlers, Durango, CO
I recently read a Bob Weir interview where he described the last half of the show as "when you deliver the mail." Let me just say that the Filmore crowd received a first class delivery! Smokin' show. Bobby and the boys got off to a good start with an energetic Shakedown Street. Nice! I could feel the intensity grow and the show progressed. By the time the band played West L.A. Fadeaway, I was in the zone. The Tequila jam was a crowd pleaser and the Iko Iko had us all singing. During St. Stephen, I couldn't possibly wipe the perma-grin from my face. Thanks Ratdog! See you next time.

Christopher, Denver, CO
Went in expecting an average sing-along show. Boy was I wrong. Came out on fire and played a great show. The St Stephen > Eleven was my biggest highlight. The Tequila was fun as well the Iko. Bob and the band looked like they were having a lot of fun as well. If Ratdog comes back to the Fillmore you might want to buy your tickets early.

Jaimoe, Denver, CO
Awesome show! I stood right in front of the sound board most of the night, which I never do at the Fillmore cause I'm short. But thanks to the soundboard guys having their floor mats extend about three feet past the barricades, I had an extra two inches in height! The Shakedown Street I expected.. saw too many Red Rocks/Big Mack shows where the boys opened with that one. I expected more Dog songs but was pleased with the Dead/Dylan mix, like Masters of War, Bobbys political statement for the times. And oh so poignant.
Silvio was a non-Dead highlight for me as well. BBM and Corrina were Dead highlights and of course St Stephan --> 11... YOWZA! So glad ya made it! Bobby! THANKS!

Randy Barnes, Colorado Springs, CO
WOW! AMAZING BLAZING! Awesome show, from the lighting to the music. I saw the show in Orlando, and decided it was time to take a vacation... packed up the van, and off to Denver it was. I was blown away at how great the show was. The Fillmore is a great venue, and I couldn't help but be amazed. AWESOME!

Wes Johnson, Orlando, FL