12/3/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, December 3, 2005
Lensic Performing Arts Center
Santa Fe, NM


Setting: 12-03-05 Santa Fe, NM

Upon leaving our room somewhere close to the plaza, we walked through the daze of christmas lights until we arrived on W. San Francisco off the plaza to a good size crowd of New Mexicans and those in nearby states who made the journey(and the tapers/fans who have been going to every show, rock on). People were milling about in what was a pretty cold wind. No smoking in the Lensic.This being the case we quickly entered the newly renovated Lensic, which I had never been to and I got that special feeling of an Old Theatre when I got there. Everything was easy on the eye of this 1930s style art deco theatre. Every seat was a good one.


The opening jam was nice and it slowly morphed into a now rare Jack Straw. The Straw was great, good energy, right place right time, I looked over to my Queen of Diamonds who started to shine when the Dogs went into Supplication, another soul shaker of a song that got the crowd and the band into it. Carrying along the next song, Birdsong was a bird and it was a really smooth flyer, a seagull comes to mind or maybe a red tailed hawk. Ill show you snow and rain was sung as both a crowd interaction and also a chant for some snow for the mountains. Then things heated up again with a good Odessa, with her mouth like a junkyard dog. Then they moved into a high quality Crazy Fingers. So far so good. Then we got some old school thrown out with a Josephine, real smooth. Loose Lucy came up next and I got a little loose with it, but the band quickly came back with a Sailor^Saint that brought an excellent first set that would be a tough act to follow.

Set Two:

Bobby came out acoustic and did a sweet KC moan, then for me, it went down hill with a Victim that didn't have the spunk(spunk) of the first set. This was followed by a Masterpiece that was great to hear which slipped into that smooth Even So^October Queen$Deep End. It was really anchoring with that essential blue feeling that Ratdog can give ya if ya want a piece, this was getting busy, Rocking first set, Bluesy second set At this point the Diamonds were fading for our duo and we headed out into the cool night of Santa Fe.. the rest of the show with the Wheel Black Peter and a Birdsong reprise followed by a Saturday Night closed out the set.A great night with a lot pf great jamming, Especially the Straw Supplication, that was an audio delectable on par with some killer green chile stew.... Adios

el conquistador, Albuquerque/Chicago
The second set of this show was fun because i didn't think i would make it. There was a white out blizzard from denver to walsenburg and one of the windshield wipers stoped working. The drive from denver to colorado springs is a little less then an hour. It took us two and a half in the snow. We got in at set break and had fun in dry Santa Fe with 4 inches of ice on the passnger side of the windsheild.

Eroc, Colorado