12/4/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, December 4, 2005
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ


Very interesting show. The opening jam was relatively short, heading into a very nice Here Comes Sunshine. The biggest thing I noticed was that it was, in general, a very laid back, jazzy show. Maggie's Farm and Bury Me Standing in particular had a very laid back groove. It was a wonderful change of pace. They did kick it into high gear when they needed to, especially with a rockin Scarlet and Samson. The song selection was delectable and the acoustic Desolation Row sublime. The seemed to have a few problems with transitions, and Bob's mic was WAY too low in the mix, but all in all a superb show.

Michael, Phoenix, AZ
I have to start by saying that I absolutely love the Celebrity Theatre. It is a very cozy venue and the sound isn't completly awful, there is a real intimate feeling between the band and the fans there. There was a nice little section for a small Shakedown area, which these days is all too rare.

As soon as the band came out on stage I could feel the energy in the room. The first set was absolutely amazing, consisting of an amazing Brown-Eyed Woman, and the two set closers--Greatest Story Ever Told and Scarlet Begonias--completely blew my mind.

I was worried that it would be a repeat of Febuary's show where the first set outdid the second. Not this time. They opened up the second set with all acoustic instruments, which was very nice. Once they played Uncle John's Band, they got into a real groove and ended the show with a real bang. He's Gone is always a nice treat. "Stuff"--which is Ratdog's "Drums/Space"--was really groovy; they really seem to enjoy the jamming. Standing on the Moon is one of my all time favorites. I had tears in my eyes. And talk abot leaving stage with a climax--Samson and Delilah and Touch of Grey. WOW. Black Muddy River was a very nice ending to a wonderful night. Nice Job Bobby. Can't wait until Tucson tomorrow night!!!!!

Andy, Phoenix, AZ
This was my second Ratdog show due to being a newbee. My friend Andy got me into them all about one and a half years ago. However I know a fair amount of Dead songs and a few of Dog's too. I believe that this show was way more intense! You have probably seen the setlist. I'm just glad that the owner or whoever that dude was didn't read us the setlist before they even played! I like their "stuff" that they do. The beat-box stuff was sick! Great first set, even better second set. Everyone was dancing and having fun! Great Show!!! See ya in a day!! arfsqueak!

Adam, Phoenix, AZ
Here comes sunshine! It was a cold and bitter winter night in Phoenix (64 degrees). I was greeted with a small but vibrant parking lot scene, similar to last winter's show here. Bobby appeared energized and ready to play.... Here Comes Sunshine emerged from the cacaphony and jammed it's way into a smoking Maggie's Farm. The band and crowd seemed energized at this point. I'm not going to go through every song, but overall Bobby semed energized and seemed to take each coda for an extra few bars to scream and lay down the cheeeeeze. A young woman did appear to rush onto stage towards Bobby, which prompted him to say, "I hope they don't throw her out!" Five minutes pater a young gentleman wearing a pink feathery boa did the same thing; Bobby had no comment. Oy yeah... the first set ending Greatest story absolutely smoked (a la 1974) and morphed into a Scarlet that didn't quit. Overall impression was a great show energywise. Lots of sweet moments with regard to age, mortality, and this precarious ship of fools (not played) we find ourselves on in 2005. Can't wait 'til next year.

Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ
Solid show at the Celebrity last night. A well played first set with back to back Dylan tunes following a HCS opener. The entire show flowed really well with no low points and several highlights to keep the valley crowd rockin'.

This was my third show at this venue, having moved from back east two years ago. I have come to enjoy this place for its intimacy and generally laid-back staff. Other then the woman who felt compelled to take her top off in the middle of the second set, the security was invisible, which is how it should be. Get rid of the yahoos and leave everyone else alone. All in all a good time as Bobby just keeps makin it happen. This band continues to get better! See ya in Tuscon

SRG, Scottsdale, AZ
Ratdog, thank you for a very, very memorable show. I personally don't think there are enough Deadheads in this neck of the woods, but everybody was pretty well mannered, except a young pup that had small man syndrome. Hopefully he will understand what GA means. I think he was from San Diego. As for the band, sound was great and yes you can understand everything Mr. Weir expresses. Brooks' jersey is where its at. Thank you very much for making my holiday one I will never let go of. My phriends in Tahoe, dont miss out!! I'm sure Reno will be grate! Bob, thank you for the "Touch".

Mike Kinney, Phoenix, AZ