12/11/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, December 11, 2005
The Vault 350
Long Beach, CA


This was show two for me, and after the Wiltern Show I was wondering what they had left to play because they, in my opinion, had to have spent all their cookies at that Saturday Night show. Okay, I was wrong as they pulled out "Senor." I was once again blown away by the band. Great choice and really made the night for me. Also, I had made a request about a year or so ago online before the HOB Disneyland show for "Two Djinn." I never made it to that show, but they played it for the last song, last night. Do you believe in Miracles? I do, a great big hug and thanks to the Dog. This substitute teacher needed a break from the students grades 7-12, and these last two nights have been just what the doctor ordered and a tonic for this old head. This has been a great way to close out 2005 for me and I am of course still very Grateful.... I do have one final question ... Does Bob have a bunch of those white shirts and green shorts or has he been wearing the same thing since early November? Looking good buddy.... Keep on cocking us!!!

CT, Norco, CA
We moved into the club and found it to be one big dance floor and a balcony area promising an intimate evening with the Dog. The intro jam wound its way into a nice Cassidy, followed by an Easy to slip that developed into a nice jam. Bob's vocals were sounding exceptionally good, strong, and smooth. Then came Odessa and what seemed to be an okay mellow Sunday show began to turn into a different beast. The band was steamrolling along, driven by Jeff's awesome work on the Hammond organ. The level dropped back some for a nice Senor, Jeff again showing his talent on the organ. It flowed into a rocking Josephine--grate song, but I never heard it torn up like this! Then the Loose Lucy brought the house down--everyone dancing, girls spinning in circles, the crowd going nuts as the band tore it up. JT Thomas was back again on the Hammond as Mark gave the baby grand piano hell. I thought this was so hot that it had to be set closer, but then came the Deal. The best I've ever seen the band perform. Mark, JT, and Jeff jamming while Jay and Robin drove the beat, Bob directing it to a crashing finish.

The intermission scene was cool, everyone greeting strangers like long lost friends, big grins everywhere. I got to meet Chez from the board, and we compared our camera shots, wondering what was next. Then as the lights dimmed; a new guy came out with his fiddle (a/k/a violin). Bob said "on this one we are going way back" and launched a K.C. Moan acoustic that was incredible. Phil Salazar's fiddle was sounding so beautiful, adding a texture to the song it never had before. Then came an El Paso that Marty Robbins would be proud of--Mark and Bob's acoustic guitars flowing with Phil's fiddle, Robin's acoustic bass and Jay's drums laying down the rhythm. The crowd was dancing like never before for the acoustic part of the show. Then came a Friend of the Devil (making for the lack of a acoustic saturday night) so beautiful I had tears in my eyes. Even though acoustic, the music grew in intensity as Jeff and JT came back and added the keyboards to the mix. Everybody was dancing and going nuts. Then Bob launched the boys into a Last Time that sent the show into outer space, blowing away the Stones' live version I had seen the year before. Bob screamed the lyrics as the crowd and band sang along, everyone dancing and tripping to the music. Robin dropped bombs Phil Lesh would be proud of while Jay's driving drumbeat framed JT's awesome work on the Hammond, Mark's hot guitar licks, Jeff's baby grand, and Phil Salazar's awesome fiddle flowing along. Then it was Sunday sermon time as Bob launched into the hottest Greatest Story I have EVER heard, the crowd responding in kind. Then. already in outer space Bob went to warp speed with a Scarlet Begonias that was the shit. Bob sounded so strong; the entire band blew it out as the crowd danced with a fervor that surpassed everything before. Then Bob brought us back down and the stuff part which began with Kenny B and his two sax buds wailing away with Jay for a jazzy jam. The rest of the band began to join them, with Jeff giving an incredible display on the baby grand.

Finally the stuff jam ground to a rare two second halt as Bob came out with his acoustic guitar. He kicked off a Knocking on Heaven's Door that was so beautiful it might be the best I've ever heard from anyone, anytime, anywhere. It brought tears to a lot of people, including me as the crowd sang along. Bob's singing was strong and sure; his acoustic lead was followed by Salazar's beautiful fiddle lead, making the song so special. The Knocking faded into a grand piano solo from Jeff that was again so awesome. His piano led into the opening of Two Dijinn and the band was back to outer space with a wink of the genie's eye, dragging the crowd with them. Everone was dancing again like it would never end. But it did and the set was over.

I went to Chez and asked him if someone had dosed me, it had been so off the hook. He grinned and agreed the show had been tripping for him too. Then the band came back with the obvious encore, a Samson that that tore the building down. It finally came to a halt and Bob said as the lined up for the Ratdog bow, "I would introduce everyone here, but I don't know half of them so fuck em." And it wasn't an insult; it was a family joke (I think he has been reading the board) that gave everyone a good laugh. The curtain came down and it was finally over.

Maybe it was the intimate venue, like an early San Fran Avalon ballroom, that made the show so grate. We in the crowd were Bothers and Sisters in the Music that night, hugging and grinning at each other, and new friends were made. Bob's vocals were the best ever, Mark's guitar work was off the hook... Jeff's concert piano level playing... JT's incrediable work on the hammond... Phil Salazar's beautiful fiddle work... Kenny B and his horn section... Robin's awesome bass work, dropping those bombs all night... and Jay keeping that driving beat. This is a show I will never forget. Thank you Bob and the band for the Music.

Butch Worrell, Nashville, TN
Truely enjoyed the nignt before, but this night was some what of a nightmare for me. 1 - arrived early and was not allowed to sit up stairs, leanned on the bar all night due to my disability- no chairs on the floor, $28. for a double shot of Knob Creek- showing respect to bartender- one 1 drink, someone dosed my with some bullshit causing me to call every passer by a limp dick monkey fucker, assholes smoking inside and blowing smoke in my face, and being apporched be someone saying why don't I kick your ass- I responded go a head you will be doing me a favor... 7 years are almost up.

Bellski, Oakland,Ca