3/21/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Premier Music Hall
Danbury, CT


After last night, this reviewer wondered if the best was behind the band. We go and catch greatness somewhere every night from each band member. But what really brings us back so often and often so far off is the potential for that really magical show, that musical experience that transforms us slightly and mesmerizes us big time. I believe tonight was that show. The Corrina was hands down the hottest I have ever seen. The Ashes and glass jammed so hard that the song became an instant favorite from out of the blue. The first set was so tasty and played at the highest level. The Cold Rain smoked; the Senor was stoic and intense.The Sunshine opener out of a smokin' opening jam was superb. The Ship o Fools-Stephen was over the top hot, and the Muddy River was a meaningful and perfect ending. The underlying question after the hot or the less than hot show, can and does the band turn this up at will, like with a switch, or how much of it is sheer mood and spontaneous energy. Tonight may have been some of both. The boys seemed dead set on blowin' the joint away, and ass was kicked tonight. Kudos all around. Great energy and a nice scene. This show will be hard to top, ever! Liebo, a Red Sox lover! Johnny who??