3/23/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, March 23, 2006
Calvin Theatre
Northampton, MA


Bobby came out smokin' last night! Shakedown was a great 15 minute opener! Loser was great--Bobby voice sounded like sandpaper (in a good way). Victim or the Crime was a great suprise in the second set. Hell In a Bucket was soaring; people were dancing so hard, the place seemed to be shaking! Sugar Magnolia at the end of the show was great!

Northhampton is a great town to see Bobby. I hope he comes to the Calvin again. That was my first show at that venue and it was great!

Sunny, Worcester, MA
The show was great! Mr. Weir and company were on fire! I particularly enjoyed hearing the great version of Come Together we were all treated to. Easy Answers was as funky as all hell!

But alas, with the good comes the bad. I can never return to this venue again. As a non-intoxicated music fan, I have a unique perspective on the parking lot scene. At this show no real lots were available and this cut down substantially on any, shall we say, "less than legal" activities, yet that did not seem to keep these yahoo cops from rousting anybody they could!

For the first time in years, I was shaken down by the police. Remember I am a non-drinking,-drugging or -any-other-sustance user. I played a song on my guitar and was almost arrested for "public preformance without a permit." My performance was on a park bench. My guitar case was closed and i was not soliciting any money from anybody. (I work for a living!) Ask around you will find this was not uncommon there.

Show was great though!

P Ferguson, Hooksett, NH
Aye. Nice ride down to Calvin. Everyone was kool inside the show. Brought back lots of vibes from my younger days at tuning in & dropping out. The setlist was good; most enjoyed Come Together, Me & Bobby McGee, and an old favorite Uncle Johns Band, not to forget Shakedown Street and Sugar Magnolia. Thanks to Bob and the band and all those who attended for a great night out. Fan since the '60s. Far out.

Richard Alberty, Middletown Springs, VT