3/31/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, March 31, 2006
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


Great energy in the audience. Shakedown Street was the first BIG moment... great version. I really enjoyed the Sailor > Saint. Bob's energy and vocal delivery reminds a bit of Bob Dylan on the "Rolloing Thunder Revue" tour.

All I really wanted in the evening was an acoustic M&MU, and after Bob started the second set with El Paso, I thougt there was little chance. I was wrong. I was psyched.... Two classic cowboy Bob tunes acoustic. The second set then fell into a bit of a lull until they played what I thought might turn into "Other One" but was "The Deep End".... It CRUNCHED. UJB was a nice segment, a real sing-along song that the entire audience enjoyed. The Bob-less "stuff" jam thing was pretty intense--really heavy work from Jay Lane. Sugar Mag was prolly the highlight of he night. It ROCKED really hard. Attics encore was decent; the audience really was full of high energy, and I thought we might a get a double encore, but no. I saw a giant meteor about an hour after he show while hanging on Hampton Beach... a really nice way to end a great night.

Michael Buffum, Keene, NH
Clearly a monumental venue for Weir. It seems every time he plays there, there's that extra love thrown in for Jer. The setlist is remarkable, and the boys were so tight. They just seem to get better and better. Haven't seen a "Bucket" since the GD and was so floored by it. Lost>Saint!!! Come Together>Sugar Mags!!! The "Attics" was apt and priceless. That's definitely a once per tour tune, if that, and a splendid one it was. I saluted Hunter and Jer in two double-helixed note-strands dripping from Robin's bass and Weir's soul.

Geoff Gronlund, Bridgton, ME
This was a stellar show by a band that is hitting its stride and then some. Whether it's the Jerry connection with Hampton Beach or not, Bobby and the band clearly love playing here, and it showed Friday night. Tremendous energy, tremendous tightness all around, and a revved up, sold-out crowd. Absolutely great vibes in the place all night. Whether Friday's show was better than last year's outstanding concert here is beside the point (I thought it was, but it's a close call). Let's just enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Personal highlights: Shakedown, Big River, Liberty (arguably the best song of the night), Sailor, Saint, and Hell to end the pedal-to-the-metal first set. After an acoustic opening, a very jazzy (true to the band's roots) second set (this would make one great jazz band, too) of RatDog originals and then (in no particulary order) old favorites UJB, West LA Fadeaway, a Beatles tune for good measure (they do a great job covering Beatles tunes now, along with Dylan tunes, at which Bob is simply the best), and Bobby's signature song, Sugar Magnolia.

Doesn't get any better than that for a Bob Weir show. His band simply smoked all night, with Jay Lane particularly standing out. His drumming just kept propelling the band on and on and on. Mark Karan really kicked it up a notch, too. Could've heard more from Kenny Brooks, but that's the way the set list goes sometimes. With a sold-out show and people clamoring for tickets outside, and with the smiles on stage and the love in the crowd, here's hoping Bob Weir and RatDog make it a multiple-night stay next year at the Beach.

Todd, Fairlee, VT
I feel like a broken record writing reviews for the shows RatDog has played here in Hampton the last few years since they are always the same. Another great great show. Others have said it and I continue to agree, the Hampton Beach Casino is filled with the spirit of Jerry Garcia each and every time RatDog performs here, and that spirit brings out the best in this band.

Highlights for me were the Hell in a Bucket and Sugar Mags. Have not heard Sugar Magnolia perfomed live in about 16 years, and it was a treat.

Thank you to Bobby and Ratdog for coming back here, we sincerely hope you continue to do so.

Jack, Chester, NH