4/1/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, April 1, 2006
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA


]My $.02- I thought the song selection tonight was very strong, but I was not too impressed with the band's execution. The April Fool's encore was a hoot, though. Hope the rest of the tour measures up. Enjoy.

Philippe, Cambridge, MA
A fabulous concert. I just saw RatDog in Phoenix in December, and this had a higher energy level and better songs. Bob's guitar playing has never been better and to see him play a trombone during the encore was a treat. This is one of the best bands Bob has ever played with. The drummer and bass player are suberb for him. To hear "One More Saturday Night" in Boston on a Saturday night was great!

Jack Barry, Franklin, MA
Fantatisco!!!! From the JS opener to the Franklin's closer, the energy was mighty high. The band was into it and so was the crowd. Particularly pleasing was Deep Elem Blues, very well done by the entire band. Sound-wise it started a tad slow as Jay's mic was not turned up enough. A nice little April Fool's encore with the band all coming out with different instruments a la The Dead @ Capitol years back. Very Cool Show indeed.

Dan Ring, Boston, MA
WooHoo!! Bob and the boys come to the Hub and what a fun time!! Jack Straw had me a little worried... a little slugish in the beginning, and Jay has a hard time with Jerry's parts of the song, but as the song progressed into the jam and into its rousing finale, the band had gelled and the ending blew me away.. The crowd was psyched and the packed house loved the sound, which was excellent!

Other highlights: Set I Cassidy > Bird Song and finishing them at the end of Set II.... Cool! Same with Help>Slip and a Franklin encore! Wicked Pissah Cool! Good Morning Little Schoolgirl was ripping and Sugaree was very tight, and Saturday Night was simply the most rocking version this seasoned head has heard!

Can't wait till the next show!

Daniel Webb, Falmouth, MA
Best Ratdog show I've ever seen/heard. Ashes and Glass was amazing, as was the Bird Song. And who can forget the Help>Slip! set closer, with the Slip!>Franklin's encore! Uberkind.

Drew, Bronxville, NY
What a great show! The sound was great, and the band kept the energy high. Right from the Jack Straw opener, I knew it was going to be a sick show. My personal favorites were the Hard Rain Dylan cover and Ashes and Glass. First time seeing Ratdog and I was NOT dissapointed; The Orpheum was the perfect venue!

Ed Quinn, Philadelphia, PA
Great show, great energy. One complaint---the set mirrored very much the Saturday night show from the Worcester Palladium back in November '05... which was still a great set, so I s'pose that the complaint isn't much of a complaint at all. Amazingly fun encore and hot crowd all night....

U.S. Probe, Boston, MA
My husband and I attended the Boston show with our son who lives in Boston. I had amazing seats that were center and four rows from Bobby, but I don't get what the big deal is about that show or especially the venue. I happen to adore Bob Weir and Ratdog--they're my favorite band--but this show in no way had the energy that the two shows we saw on fall tour had this past November. The show was okay, but I didn't especially like the way they played some of the songs. It was the first time our son saw Ratdog, and he has seen The Dead with us. He didn't care for the show at all. I liked it because I like them so much but to compare shows, Boca and HOB in Nov were rocking shows. The Orpheum is so cramped and I'm short and tiny. Can't imagine a large person dealing with that place. I actually got claustrophobic!

Peggy Fallik, Coral Springs, FL
Pretty solid show, aside from the fact that it was really sloppy at parts in execution. Jack Straw was really a diasappointment, as was most of the first set. However they did redeem themselves with a nice version of Lazy River Road. Deep Elem Blues was a treat and had a really good groove, but Sylvester needs to turn his bass up because he is a damn impressive bassist. Greatest Story Ever Told had potential to be really great, and Karan was laying down some harkening Garcia-quality licks, but there was a lot of miscommunication in the musical segue, because it seemed like Robin and Karan wanted to do the '74 version of the song, but others didn't follow. The singular highlight of the show for me was the segment dubbed 'stuff', for it was a solid groove commanded by Robin that had great direction. All in all a decent show, but I wouldn't choose this show over most of their other shows.

Dallas, Boston, MA