4/6/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Donald Trump emceed... seriously

Thursday, April 6, 2006
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


My brother and I just walked in the door to his Greenwich condo after driving out of Manhattan following a stellar Ratdog performance at the Beacon Theater tonight. Still looking for that Scarlet, that ever so elusive Scarlet.... That withstanding, tonight was among the very best Ratdog performances I have ever seen. I won't take you through every song and how they played this and that. I figure it wouldn't make sense if you weren't there anyway. Just know that the energy level tonight and the crowd's response to the band and vice versa were what made tonight so special. We know what you're thinking Bobby! Just kidding.

My bro and I had burritos at Harry's before the show and a couple of drinks and then headed for the Beacon. What a nice April night in NY. Great crowd, great city, great band. That sums up tonight. Super job Bob! Take it easy.

Sean McAuley, Guilford, CT
Genius. First time for me at the Beacon and that place is so intimate and historical. Trump's introduction was so cool. The band sounded very tight and I was quite impressed. Peggy-O was a favorite for me, along with China > IKYR.... For those that are going Friday and Saturday night....enjoy the show!

Andrew, Southlake, TX
Overall a nice show. First set was a little bit awkward at times, and Bobby's guitar is way to loud. He seemed to be having problems getting the sound he wanted. Second set cooked, and the band is certainly very tight. Turn Karan's guitar up a little and Robin's bass as well, keys were perfect, Ace's rythm still a little harsh and loud, Jay Lane is playing hard an steady. DJ Logic is pretty interesting and seemed to fit in well. Double encore Attics > Foolish Heart was very sweet. Good opening show for this run. Have fun.

Bill, Boonton, NJ
Oh my goodness!!! That is the first words that come to my mind. This show blew me away- especially second set! DJ Logic is the man!! What a trippy China Cat++. Ratdog should really consider inviting DJ along more often!!! Who would have ever thought that a record scratchin' groovin dude could add so much? Coooool stuf and this will have me coming back for more!!! My only regret is that DJ didn't sit in on more songs.

I have seen many, many, many Ratdog shows (since the Grateful Dead era) and this was definately in the top three (along with last year's Rams Head and Scranton's Massonic Temple in 2002- with DJ I may add)! Although I do miss Rob Wasserman, Robin has been NO letdown. This was evidenced by his rockin bass licks during Wharf Rat here at the Beacon. In fact, there were several times during the show that Bobby looked back at Robin with a look of amazemnent and a big smile on his face. He never ceases to amaze me and you can tell he loves his job (and who wouldn't??!!)!

As mentioned, the second set really rocked. When DJ came out, the entire crowd didn't even realize it at first (although I did as I have been waiting 4+ years for a re-appearence of DJ). But EVERYONE was on their feet and dancin' and clappin' and singin'... WOW!! The energy was everywhere--something that I have only seen at a handful of Ratdog shows. This really did it for me.

The only letdown of this show was the light show. The second set warranted BLAZE RED!! RED as hot as FIRE. RED as hot as the Music. RED as hot as how well this band sounded that night!

Keep up the good work and let us know when DJ is coming back!!

J-Man, Bow, NH
All in all, a great show. After the mixed emotions for Donald Trump, the band kicked into a nice jam, leading into a fun Golden Road. Bertha was great, possibly one of the best versions I've heard live in a long time. Bird Song had its own very long jam, with teases of Dark Star, Playin', and Truckin'. Little Red Rooster was great, and it showcased everyone's talent in the band- with sax, piano, guitar and drum solos. Odessa was alright, but the ending of the first set riled up the Beacon, concluding with a loud sing-along Speedway Boogie.

The first acoustic songs were great--it was nice to hear Peggy-O. Then came The Weight. I've heard The Weight twice before at the Beacon in the last two months (Phil and Friends, and the Allmans) and I have to say, Bobby did it the best. DJ Logic came out and jammed on an amazing China Cat/IKYR with an amazing drums/DJ Logic combo that spun into an amazing "Stuff." Wharf Rat was a bit softer after the DJ Logic rush, but Sugar Magnolia brought everyone back out dancing! Attics was a nice encore, with sweet harmonies and a great driving bass line. Foolish Heart was great, showing Jeff's keyboard mastery. Overall, a great night!

Eric Tyler, Irvington, NY
Exceeded any expectations I may have had. I really didn't know what to expect. I hadn't seen any show Dead related since right before Jerry passed away. The crowd (myself included) were into it from the Golden Road opener right until the Follish Heart encore. Singing along all night long the crowd was as into it as much as any Dead show I have seen over the years.

I will definately be attending the next time they come to the New York area. Somehow over the years I had never heard the Dead play China Cat/ I Know You Rider live, so it was such a treat to hear Weir and the band rock the house with their version. Just a great show.

Peter Reilly, Staten Island, NY
I always left a little disappointed after seeing Ratdog in the past. With the exception of a couple of highlights, most shows paled when compared to Phil and his band. The opener at the Beacon was different, much different. The energy was real and played back and forth between the band and the crowd. The China/IKYR was exhausting. My first Senor ever was amazing. This is Bobby's best band post Jerry. I can't wait for this summer's shows.

David, Setauket, NY