4/8/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, April 8, 2006
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


A predictable Shakedown quickly yielded to a startling Dylan grand slam of Maggie's Farm and She Belongs to Me. On the third night of the run, Bob and the band immediately demonstrated that they would continue the Dylan thread begun on nigh one with Senor and continuing with Masterpiece and Masters of War on the second night.
But the best was held out for set two, which featured a stunning early-set Ripple that flowed into a profound and prescient Hard Rain's Gonna Fall. Profundity continued with heartstopping He's Gone, Eyes, and Sugaree. He's Gone, Dark Star and Bird Song verses are traveled in idiosyncratic order. A throwaway but gratifying Saturday Night rounded the night out, before the group hug and bow that closed out this run at the Beacon.

Michael H., Boston, MA
Last night's show was strong and had some very tight and powerful performances. Having seen the band continuously since its inception, I have to say they have gelled into a cohesive unit that delivers more often than not. Highlights for me were.... an exceptionally hot Jack Straw (with some great rock-star Bob moments and very strong playing from MK); Row Jimmy was just beautifully played; Big RxR closer was hot as hell. Kenny owned Eyes with his beautiful soprano playing--very impressive. He's Gone was chilling. Loved the new song, Franky & Jonnie--great lyrics, great chorus, really nice song structure. Easy Answers has never been a favorite, but last night's had some interesting moments.... You could tell the band likes to play this one. I was extemely impressed by A Hard Rain's A-Gonna-Fall. You can tell Bob loves singing this one, and the arrangement was great. Cool to see them jump into the end verse of Bird Song. Saturday Night, Brokedown, and US Blues were all very well played and sent us out well. Thanks for the hot shows!

Mike E., South Orange, NJ
Bob's vocals are getting better and better each time i see Ratdog. The band was very tight, and the set list was like an unexpected birthday gift that excedes all expectations. Even on songs like Row Jimmy, He's Gone--the ones you can only think of hearing Jerry sing--Bob nailed them. The Eyes jam and Jack Straw were musical high points.

Any show that delivers Ripple and One More Saturday Night before the encore is a gem. Thank you Ratdog for leaving the NYC run in style.

Adam Deutsch, New Brunswick, NJ