5/20/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

SEVA Benefit/Wavy's Birthday; also w/ Mickey & Friends, David Lindley, Gillian Welch, and more

Saturday, May 20, 2006
Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA


Waited a long time to hear just a few tunes. The sound system was a bummer all night, and only improved a little with Ratdog--too bad, as it looked like they were playin hard.

Ed, San Francisco, CA
By and large an undistinguished and of course brief show, although the Dear Prudence/Saturday Night finale managed to crank it up nicely. And it was a kick to see a very happy Gillian Welch bop through ''Not Fade Away'' with the boys.

I could have sworn I saw Dan Healy at the soundboard, which could explain why Joan Baez's microphone was turned *way* down on her ''Little Darlin'' lead vocals.

Jeff Beresford-Howe
A very short but great set. The sound system made it heard to hear, but they still jammed with some great tunes, especially One More Saturday Night. Not Fade Away was short, which disappointed me. All in all, it was a great show. I came all the way to see this amazing show and wasn't let down.

Scott, Rocky Hill, CT
The purely musical is one thing and then there is the music in context. I thought the evening was heroic, considering Ramrod's sudden death was only 2 days prior. The opening jam set the tone; it reflected grief and rightly so. Cassidy was a beautiful acknowledgement of this, which moved into a heartfelt Bird Song. I LOVED Little Darlin', which is a doo-wop song that Bobby also sang on, though Mark and Joan Baez carried it. It was a brave note and Joan was lovely. Attics was beautiful and absolutely perfect. So was Dear Prudence. One More Saturday Night kicked despite the circumstances; I think ((((BOBBY)))))) and (((((Mark, Robin, Jay, Jeff, Kenny))))), (((((((WAVY)))))))), and ((((everyone else)))))) gave us an inspiring musical example of the beauty that can be generated out of love despite loss.

Glinda, Victoria, BC
Yes, there were problems with the sound, but all in all I got the Dead fix I needed--Cassidy, the Wheel, Dear Prudence, Saturday Night, and NFA. Only downer was Attics, but hey, it wouldn't be a Bobby Show without something slow thrown in. I could close my eyes and drift back to Ventura County Fairgrounds, Berkeley Amph, and Winterland on NY Eve.... That's what I like. Show was short and satisfying. Looking forward to Health and Harmony Festival (more commonly referred to in Sonoma County as the "Hippie Fest"). Hope to see you all there.

Jim S, Santa Rosa, CA
I flew all the way from NH to see this show, it was a little on the short side, but It was for a great cause, and everyone wants to pay homage to the great wavy gravy.

Dear Prudance, and one more saturday night were the two highlights of my night.

Blue Dragon, free digger bread in the park before the show, all the old times from SF and oakland filled the crowd.

Bellew, Milford NH