7/2/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with String Cheese Incident [SCI closed] and Taj Mahal

Sunday, July 2, 2006
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO


The Rocks again. I was trying to count the number of shows I have seen at Red Rocks, and it has to be over a hundred. Bands love it, and it shows. Of course they picked the worst weekend: daughter's 16th birthday and the annual church shindig. First time in over 20 years I havn't been roasting on the rocks at 7 AM (5am for the 10 days of Dead). Good thing I am loved, and God bless Judy & Jim for the support. See, my life is kinda screwed right now, but at least there is the music. Its when you need it most, is when it feels soooo goooood.

I arrived 6:30PM Saturday, parked along the road at the bottom of the hill, and thought for sure I was doomed. $2 metro cab ride up the hill had me in the doors at the top by 6:45. I was stage right by 7:05, and lo and behold just in time for da boys at 7:10. God Loves Me!

Dog is acquired taste. Haven't missed a show since Bob & Rob three-night runs in 88 & 87. They have grown in such a way that would make anybody proud. I noticed the really old man sitting in a chair on the stage, just left and front of Mark. It was Bobby's father. Bobby Played for his dad Saturday Night; Blackbird made my cry. Not sure if Bobby's dad has been to other shows, but it made my heart and soul fly that night. He didn't stay for the whole set, but at his age and background, its all good.

Red Rocks is magic and for Bobby to play for his dad there...WOW. And when his family came out to greet him during the bow, it makes me thank Bobby for enduring. He can flub all he wants, and if he's playin in a nursing home when he's 90, I'll be there. Some may say he is not the best role model, but in God's eye he is up there with the best.

Sunday night was a lot more on time, and by God's grace thru Jim & Judy, it played out the same for me. I was told by many that they sounded jammier this time round, but I didn't think so. Bobby has his directions; you just have to listen for them. Some said they didn't really break out until Samson and Delilah, but that was Bobby showing that they can sound like anybody else, but choose to be RatDog. If you don't like em, good, get the frick out of the way so I can have your Space! Guess Boots is now a regular here up high. I like it.

Want to say that SCI Crowd is the kindest. I don't think I have ever been to a show where there wasn't at least one psycho almost willing to kill for space. From the first guy I saw who actually smiled, made eye contact, and asked how I was doin, to the last guy who said nice truck (It looks like a piece of dung, but looks are only skin deep and this guy actually knew and understood that and wasn't being sarcastic!), nothing but friendly, loving people. Very refreshing to see the new generation taking to it in such a way. I'll party with today's generation anyday over the 95 Phish scene.

SCI Rocks! If you get a chance, see them! Lets see, 2 drummers, bass, keys, and 2 guitars--wait that looks like a band I knew long ago ...but the sound is different...lovely...feels good...moves my bones...and my soul... Thanks Bob!

Scott, Denver, CO
I liked this show, although I thought they played a bit better on the 1st. I was glad however, that I chose to go to this show instead of the first night of Tom Petty, even though that show was awesome. They played pretty much the same set list, which Ratdog didn't do. My friend Cheryl had fun, as did my Dad's neighbors, who said that they weren't hippies because they weren't into String Cheese, but they did like Bob Weir's band. I enjoyed SCI, but I guess I am a "hippie" so...

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO
Playin in the Band > New Speedway Boogie, opener, OHHH MY
second night in colorado, sick storms on the horizon, Dever seems to be lit up that night!!
Red Rocks is a must venue for the true music lover.

Reember to park in the upper lot, or you have a long walk!

Flew along way for the run of shows!!

Bellew, Milford NH