8/21/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, August 21, 2006
Ridgefield Playhouse
Ridgefield, CT


Really nice show! I really liked Tomorrow Never Knows. I was happy to hear it - it sounded great! Show started with Truckin - Take Me to the River - Youngblood... wow. Desolation, Blackbird, Ashes... wow. Ended with Fade Away and Touch of Grey... wow.

Dan, Danbury, CT
Another enjoyable performance at the playhouse. First set numbers that were especially groovin' for me included Ramble On, Tomorrow, and Row Jimmy. Closing first with Maggie's, well, I'll need to review the audio recording. Stamp of approval for set two. I got into it during Desolation Row. The "oops" was just fun with the folks laughing with Bobby, not at him. Or so it seemed to me. The arrangement of Bury Me Standing, a number I'm not that familiar with, evoked Walkin' Blues with Steely Dan-like structures around the Wallkin' Blues. But I was digging it and the second set overall. Silvio/Tequilo--neat-o. Then just rocked on... See y'all at the next one.

TT Tom, Georgetown, CT
This most intimate and tiny of places to see the band--unreal. Anyone in there should--and I think did--feel very lucky to be witness. The show was packed with energy and the band was in great spirits. Mark was at his best and ripped into his solos with ferocious intensity, especially during a beautiful Whart Rat- Ashes- Not Fade closing. The Bury Me Standing was played very well--the awesome sax never ceases to amaze. In fact, whenever I take someone to their first rat show, the biggest rave seems to always be Kenny for sure. No one can believe how hard he plays and those notes he hits. Whew. The first set started well but basically floundered--could do without a Maggie's first set closer--that's just my opinion. Overall, a slightly better than average show, and since average is fun and fantastic, a big thumbs up with more to follow tonight, and boy am I psyched!! rock on Bobby.

What a night! Awesome show from Truckin opener on. It was a great night with a great crowd and good sound in a great small venue. Definitely don't miss Ratdog when they come to Ridgefeild. The 500 person venue is the bomb. Ratdog never disappointed last nite and I cant wait for tonight's show. BOBBY ROCKS!

Walt B, Coventry, CT