8/22/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Ridgefield Playhouse
Ridgefield, CT


Very good work. I was quite pleased with Eyes of the World. Loose Lucy--nice tempo. Kenny really used those horns, well, excellently. Set two also seemed to be played with a lot of energy and mostly right on the ever varying beat. Hard Rain, Me & Uncle, and Help on the Way were favs for me. Hope they're back here soon.

TT Tom, W. Redding, CT
Another stellar classic goes down in the record books my friends. Highlights here: a tremendous Lucy > Eyes to close the first set. I had so much fun just closing my eyes and really felling the music... great vibe all around and the venue could not have been better. Althea > Help > Slip was a nice suprise so deep in the second set. I have not danced around to a show like that in many years. Hey Bobby, where art thou Brother Essau??

SeanM, Guilford, CT
T'was a tale of two setlists tonight. When the band went on 20 minutes earlier than the night before right at 8pm--and considering the pretty weak ending of the first set the night before with the tasteless Maggie's closer of that first set--ya knew it would be nice. Bertha - Cassidy - Lazy River Road - Dark Star flowed nicely. The She Says - Liberty is a great new combo sure to please. The Eyes was the show stopper. As Warner Wolf used to say, you could turn your sets off there. magifique!!

The second set was as mundane as could be. If I hear another second-show-in-the-same-town-on-consecutive-nights Hard Rain, I'll shoot myself. Too predicatable; it's just not that over the top amazing when the Black-Throated Wind or hot smokey Corrina looms. Maybe I am just not the Dylan fan Bobby is. The Schoolgirl is a waste in that important slot, and the Althea was just off. Sugaree had Mark with major amp issues, and the Djinn was great as always, one of the great songs of the night. Sweet to close. Franklins was super as always, but the second set was below par in the setlist and playing department, but still a fun night in a great venue. Thanks.