8/24/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, August 24, 2006
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


Bobby loves this venue. This show was S-M-O-K-I-N'. The set list was great, the band was tight, and the energy was electric!!! Bobby's got it goin on!

k thom, Hampton Beach, NH
What is it about Hampton Beach that always makes for a great show? My theory is that it's because it's that rare venue made of wood! The sound doesn't bounce around like in some concrete and metal box, as the more modern concert halls are. It was a great night with friendly people all dancing and singing and having a blast. 2006 marks my 20th year as a Deadhead (first show in Hartford my sophmore year in college), and my love for these tunes just keeps on growing. I'm listening to the CD right now. It is so cool to be able to do that. Many many thanks to Bob and the boys.

Erik Smith, Salem, MA
I haven't seen a Dead show since '86, and I never saw Ratdog before. The show was spectacular and did not disappoint. I felt like I was at a Dead show. I am now a Ratdog fan for life! I will be at their show when they come back to the area. Bob Weir and the whole band are fantastic,and masters of their craft. Loved all the Deadheads and the parking lot scene too. Much love, peace, and peace, and thanks for the joy.

Jay H, Lowell, MA
Aye folks,

As the Tailgate Party grew with excitment, the roadies wrestled the equipment into the Casino. A thunderous applause broke out as the band's tour bus arrived.

Once inside, I found the perfect spot in front of the stage . Stage right, in front of Kenny & Bob. There were quite a few songs I hadn't heard in a while. Interesting set list the boys conjured up. All went well until the last two songs. A couple of faux-pas by Bobby. First in GDTFB, he sang "everything is fine now," recovered, and the band played on like the true musicians they are. Second time they just played on and ended the encore. Everyone was very supportive. I just hope they didn't "go down the road feeling BAD." Many thanks to Bobby and the band for visiting us here in the northeast again this year. Can't wait till next time.

Played CDs at home and it was a whole differant show. Wow!!! Thanks again and hope to hear you soon.

Richard Alberty, Middletown Springs, VT
Un____ing REAL!!! I don't know if I should scream or cry or laugh! I said it for the last Hampton show and I'll say it again.... Weir pulls out ALL the stops for us when they play here. I really just can't say enough about this band who I think is doing what Bill Graham said the GD did, "They're not the best at what they do, they're the only ones who do what they do." Phil's great, but he AIN'T this! Hey Bob, how about a 6 night run at the Ballroom for us?! And where are the reviews in magazines for these guys? Steve Silberman, Blair Jackson? C'mon! If there's a band that deserves it NOW it's this band! Of course, maybe it's best they fly below the radar. Who feels it knows it.

Gloyd, Bridgton, ME
Another great show at Club Casino. I have seen the Dog at several New England venues, and they just seam to hit a higher level here. It is hot and crowded and there are no seats; everyone stands, dances, sings along and just plain goes nuts. The crowd always has more energy than any other shows I have seen. The band appears to feed off it. We have been luckey to get at least one show a year here since 2001. I hope the run lasts a good long time.

Rich, Hudson, NH
Wow, what a rockin night I walked out of then feeling like I was two inches off the ground, I want to say it was the because it was the music but something else had a greater part in that LOL. First time hearing “Festival at 5” but picked up the rest no problem. Nice licks in Deal and Terrapin and I am always a sucker for GDTRFB. All in all a one of the better shows I have seen in recent memory. I missed Mark though, GET WELL SOON!

Qzmoto, Boston, MA