8/26/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, August 26, 2006
Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD


Truly a great show. They seemed to struggle early on through Shakedown and Big River. Queen Jane is one of my favorites but it seemed to lack punch. Then from The Deep End on, they were on fire.

Jack Straw was one for the ages, and Big Railroad Blues was a bouncy way to end the set. The second set was just epic. Mexicali and Candyman were upbeat sing-alongs. The Dark Star was bluesy and not overly spacey. Dear Prudence was right on. One More Saturday Night was great as always. I always seem to get Ripple as an encore, but this one seemed to have a little extra energy. All in all, these are the shows that make all the travel and effort worthwhile. I'll take the energy from this show into my daily life, at least until next time.

Grateful Ken, Bordentown, NJ
I am so torn between alcohol sales at shows, saw way too many just pounding beers with the OBVIOUS help of electrics. Adds a ton of energy, but in the wrong place, the drunks can really mess up other people's experiences.

Really good show, LOVED the first set, especially Money for Gasoline. That song should grow into a really big time rocker, not unlike Wrong Way Feeling. It had me smiling.

IMO, second set just faultered too much with a near meltdown during Scarlet. too many techinical difficulties with Bob even gesturing to his ears during a feedback issue, Ripple had a feedback ring all the way through, and BOB did a false start with Jay keeping the song from stopping completely. Take out the tech problems and the couple of flubs and this WOULD have been EPIC....

Brendan, Richmond, VA
This was definitely the better of the two shows in Baltimore. The boys were on fire all night, and the girls were hot as well. Big Railroad Blues was a sweet end to the first set. Silvio>Tequila really got things going in the second set. All in all it was agreat show.

P.S.Can we all take up a collection to buy Bobby a decent shirt?

Scott Prinn, Owings Mills, MD