10/20/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, October 20, 2006
Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL


My friend and I and about 1900 other fans witnessed a top notch show at the Riviera in Chicago. The setlist stands on its own, but it is really the energy that the band put forth (all night long) that I will remember for a long time and that I have been sharing with my Ratdog friends from Coast to Coast.

The music never stopped from the first song of the firstst set to the last song of the first set and then the same again in the second set. Just perfect blends from one song to the next.

Bobby's voice was incredible. You have to hear the CD and listen to Hard Rain--he was just on fire. The Loser, Miracle, Playin, Deal to end the 1st set were insanely good, but to me the Playin (Reprise) in the 2nd set was as Rockin and loud as I have ever witnessed. I mean they just went back in to Playin with such energy; I have never seen a Playin Reprise as good.

Even when Bobby came back on stage after a really cool and jazzy "stuff" he just blended perfectly with what the boys were playing. I mean musically you could not have asked for a better show, and the Sugar Magnolia to end the 2nd set was so good and so loud that this was the first Ratdog show that was so high energy, loud, and perfectly mixed that our ears were ringing when we left the Theater.

Wow what a night.... I can't wait to see the Florida run.

Brian McCarthy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Not a bad show for the first night of the tour. Several dropped lyrics such as in Loser and Hard Rain, though probably only noticeable to hardcore Dylan fans. The Chicago, my hometown, crowds never fail to disgust me. The drunkenness, the selfishness, and the overall inconsideration never fails to embarrass me. Hey I was a rowdy teen at Grateful Dead shows in the mid eighties and NEVER behaved as such. Get it together, people.

Eric Suarez, Chicago, IL