10/22/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, October 22, 2006
Fitzgerald Theatre
St. Paul, MN


That Easy Answers song never worked with the Dead either. The only thing that made it better than the Dead was that Phil wasnít bellowing the chorus. The Jerry factor on that song was never really there, so he was not missed on that entry. Many of us on the bathroom break were mocking that selection, but thankful for the short break after getting out of our seats and shaking the pee loose in our bladder on the opener.

She Belongs To Me was a hands down top 2 or 3 highlight of the night. Very nice.

Crazy Fingers and Brown Women were very good. Best Easy to Slip I have heard. This was the best stretch of the night for sure - from Crazy through the Easy to Slip reprise.

El Paso sucked ass, and I typically like that song. It was shit.

Masters of War was good to hear because I love the timely political attack it lays out. But it really needs to be played more violently than this performance. Any other song would have gotten a "sucked" from me, but the lyrics (which Bob nailed) and the lineage of the song give it a thumbs up.

Just Like Mama Said made me daydream about being mid-tier on a man pyramid at Guantanamo Bay. The experience has to be very similar. Hopefully the band turned off their in-ear monitors during this song so they did not have to hear the torture they were putting us through. I had to run out of the theater to the bar and pray that another vodka tonic would make me forget what was happening on stage.

Samson was lame and tinny. The Samson-themed drum jam after was surprisingly great, and it brought the last smile to my face before a flat-starting Ship of Fools told me that I would be one if I didnít head home and beat the police net that was going to be thrown out at 11:00.

The tunes on the iPod during the drive home were most likely more inspiring that the three songs I missed at the theater.

Markís guitar playing was very good all night, and Bobby made some great choices on rhythm, and he was very clear sounding in the mix (guitar wise). Vocals suffered all night, but thanks to what looked like a teleprompter, it was not lyric flubs. Sometimes a teleprompter lends the words to be read rather than sung, and the night might have suffered a bit from that.

Sorry for the bad marks - you know I always want to be the first to give the boys an A+ whenever I can, but what am I if I am not honest.

Gray, St. Paul, MN
First of all,Easy answers was the 2nd song played,not the opener.Feel like a stranger was, a Nice jam.Easy answers also jammed, so I don't know what "gray" is thinking.The 1st set was full of great music,even if it was Sunday,after a show Friday in Chi-town,and a Sat. show in brewtown. The 2nd set was also a fine jam.Masters of war was played perfectly.I don't know how people can express their opinion of how a song should be played.Shut the hell up and listen to and enjoy what you get and how u get it!Sampson was strong and full.If u think it was tinny, get your freaking ears checked!You know the upper frequencies go first.Bobby sang Ship of fools beautifully! You missed a great ending to a fine show if u left early cus u were scared of the poe-poe @ 11 oclock on a Sunday night.No ipod tunes could possibly come close to the China-Rider jam! Plus u missed Touch of Grey,"gray".I am no teleprompter expert,but lets see if you can recall every word from hundreds of songs played live, when you reach your upper 50's.Enough said.In Dog We Trust!

gratenorthernear, st. paul,mn.,usa,planet earth