10/24/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Agora Theatre
Cleveland, OH


At times I thought they were making fun of Cleveland the way they played Shakedown Street. I was alone for this show and going back to work, so the somber tone worked well with me. Bird Song needs to be epic when the set ends with it. This was not epic. The second set rocked! Mexicali freaked me out so bad that I have to get this download to figure out why.

Rich, Palatine, IL
Big fan of Bob and the Dog but sad to say 10/24 missed big time... First half actually sucked. Way too much jazzy noodling, not enough of what Bob has always done best.

I would have left but have seen enough of Weir to know 2nd set could be really good... and it was! Way more energy. Way more rock. I'm good with the improv or searching or whatever and everything but not an entire set like last Tuesday.

Not a good show overall but I've seen enough to know that was the exception and I'll see him again when I can.

Kav, Cleveland, OH
Great show. First Shakedown Street that I've seen Ratdog do.The jazz stuff is what I like best and did they mix it up well. The other ones, St.Stephen, William Tell, what a surprise. Not to mention Revolution and three Dylan Tunes in the first set. I could go on and on. It was great to see them at my old stompin ground, the Agora, with good friends and family. This building has a great history, and Ratdog couldn't have picked a better venue. What a privilege and a blessing. Not to mention the great folks that run the Agora. Thank you for a real Good Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Slivka, Kansas City, MO
Nice night!!!!The Agora has really gone downhill.... It used to be a nice theater and now it's a hole....

The music on the other hand was very spacey (that's a good thing). Karan was the stand out this night. I also enjoyed the fact that Bobs mix was WAY UP! His playing is so angular. Really,aside from Jer,the unique sound of The Dead.

Standout tunes: Mission, Baby Blue, SOTM, Stephen > Eleven.... I must say this show was probably the best I have seen on this tour... so far.... The Dog are getting better each tour... 8.7

Bgol, Cleveland, OH
Must respectfully disagree with the earlier review. Show started with a well-paced and carefully crafted Shakedown--what could be wrong with that? The Baby Blue was beautiful, to my ears at least. Mission was a treat, and Lazy River brought me back to the sweet feelings of long gone summer outdoor shows. Watchtower was fairly slow and jazzy; I don't know if this song works with this arrangement. Bird Song soared and left us sated and ready for set two.

The acoustic Corrina was better than any that I heard with the Dead, slow and deliberate with nice acoustic fills and, even with the vocal flubs, well-sung. Then came the fireworks. SOTM was another beauty--very dynamic and moving. The St. Stephen > Eleven was a monster--fierce and burly, sparks flyin' everywhere. I was right there if front, soakin' it all in. Never saw Revolution live before--great end to a great show. It was also nice to see Bob play his Ibanez "cowboy fancy" guitar. That thing has a bunch of history behind it. Thanks guys.

Tom, Cleveland, OH
Hey Now. This show was held at the historic WHK Auditorium on a cold sleety night. The crowd was into Bob and generated enough heat to warm up that old rundown hall. Really a classical place with a large upstairs balcony. The place was smoking {as that was allowed}.

The show started with a jam as people were still arriving and went into "Shakedown." The street out front is all tore up so this song was appropriate. On to "Maggie's Farm","Baby Blue",and "Mission in the Rain."

I had been down on the floor and was sweating when my medication musta kicked in and "I damn near fell out." So I retreated to the safety of the balcony.

Second set was very nice! Return to "Shakedown," "He's Gone," then a wild jam that went "St Stephen, William Tell, and The Eleven." Hadn't heard in years. Irieee, I think everyone enjoyed it too! Revolution for an encore. I had a fine time, glad I spent the cash to come. Missed Jerry's voice but glad Bob is carrying on; just wish he get some long pants. I don't want him to catch cold or stop coming to cold climates. Fine time for I. One Love

Rasta Mike, Bay Village, OH
Can you say boring? Fourth show I've seen this year and if it had been the first i wouldnt have seen a second. At least I have good memories of the HOB show and two at the Beacon in NYC. There was no energy and the song selection was boring. Sorry all you die-hards. I will go see them again because I've seen how good they can be. You cant hit a home run every night.

DHL, Cleveland, OH