10/31/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 31, 2006
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


This show was a lot of fun in a obvious Halloween sort of way. I love Halloween and I love The Dead so this was a great night to chill and see/hear some great tunes. The second set was very impressive whereas the first set was sort of a warm up and very mellow, but great.

Highlights for second set: 'Scarlet' and 'Come Together'--I thought they were going to play "Fire" the way they were jamming out in 'Scarlet'. It was one of those round venues with the stage in the middle... like the old Oakdale in CT.

Anyway, great tunes and closing with 'China Cat>Rider' and 'Werewolves,' now that was right on! Oh, and security? Ha, it was like "code white" or "defcon 5" or just no where, which was nice, as I expected some obnoxious mullet-wearing Long Island security scene and it was totally not that (although mullets were present).

It's 2 weeks after the show as I write this, but since I bought the CDs I have been listening to this show a lot and just driving around; it's a groovin show and it really makes you want to hear more or get up and dance.

My bro and I went to the second night and that was hot and already well documented in the posts of 11/1.

Cheers Bob!

Brendan McAuley, Guilford, CT