11/1/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, November 1, 2006
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


Unreal show! Amazing energy all night. The loudest I ever heard Ratdog. Great show.

Bobby, Oceanside, NY
Help>Slip was sick. Deep version with some great solos by Mark. Big River was excellent. They went into overdrive towards the end of the song. Queen Jane was saved by Weir. Kenny, Jeff, and Mark did nothing with their solos. Weir was into it and belting it out bigtime. BEW was huge. A great rolling beat and some slick soloing by Mark. Don't care much for Loose Lucy but it was nothing to complain about. She Says was pretty huge. Weir went crazy at the end with the "she says" shrieks. Liberty w/ The Persuasions was great. Might As Well was sloppy but tons of fun and energetic.

Blackbird didn't do it for me. Fever was major cheese, but Weir's wailing at the end of it really made it shine. Weir messed up Masters of War. I still can't believe it. If there is one song that you need to know the lyrics to, or at least read them correctly off the prompter, it's this one. Jay was stinking this one up too. Weir came through at the end though with a vicious "stand on your grave." This being one of my favorite songs, I was disappointed. Jus' Like Momma Said was a horrible choice. Kick our ass a bit, Weir! Miracle had some excellent jamming; great solos by Mark. Other One was sick. The jamming before they actually went into it was some of the hottest RatDog I've heard. Robin was just out of control. Very solid version. Stuff was amazing. SOTM was brutal. Weir's voice was so powerful. Monster version, very emotional. Had a great swirl to it also. Two Djinn was hot with some nice slick jams. He should've given us the Franklin's right there and given us an encore, but the Franklin's was very hot.

All in all a solid show. The band was not as tight as I would've liked it to be. Jay was messing up throughout the night. Weir was forgetting lyrics he needs to get and his playing was sometimes a bit shrill. I didn't really feel Kenny. Jeff was good to great. Robin was sick. Mark was the MVP. The quality of the jams have really improved. They are taking more of a plunge off the Deep End and it is paying off. Very slick jams on both nights. They just have to get their act together, but very loose and very jammy, and very trippy.
Weir's voice was excellent.

David, New York, NY