11/4/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 4, 2006
Stanley Theatre
Utica, NY


Excellent Show!!!!! Being a transplant from Colorado, I had not seen Weir since the days the Grateful Dead played at Red Rocks. Ratdog is truly one of the best shows I have seen all year. The band is extremely tight. Weir sounds better than I have ever heard him. I hope they come to the Utica area again soon; they are definitely a band worth seeing.

David, New Hartford, NY
I thought this was the best show of the three that I have seen this tour. I went to Geneva on 10/30, Albany 11/3 and Utica on 11/4. Ratdog is absolutely playing tighter and harder than ever. Every tune they play, whether fast, slow, bluesy, they have been takin the Jams DOWN-TOWN!!! This show was absolutey fuckin ROCKIN. THE BOYS HAD THE FUNK GOIN AT THIS SHOW. The lots on the side of the theatre were absolutely crazy before and after the show. Lots of kind things and nitrous (the lot basically turned into a nitrous party), which is cool sometimes.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.... Appreciate what Bobby is doin for us kids.... Good things don't last forever. Oh, for those of you who weren't in the lots after the show, there was a crazy guy tryin to fight everyone. I saw him swing and try to punch like five different people. Apparently, he was trying to "get his $40 dollars back." He attacked one kid and the kids face was all bloody. A group of like five people threw the crazy guy to the ground to restrain him, and people were like throwing bottles and shit at him. The crazy guy ended up unconscious on the ground, and I think he went to the hospital. People were sayin he was trippin balls on shrooms. Anyway, what a crazy end to a FUN WEEK of shows. Thanks Bobby and all the boys. ALWAYS A PLEASURE.

R-man, Syracuse, NY
Awesome, awesome, awesome. The crowd was goin nuts; I thought the balcony was gonna collapse. I'm a little late posting but i started reading and saw about the dude attacking everyone, that shit was crazy and he wasn't a tiny dude either. All and all it was an excellent night, i would definitely go check out another show at the Stanley Theatre.

Scott, Hazleton, PA
This show was flipping fantastic! 11/4/06 Im guessing one of the great shows ratdog ever put on. The set list was unexpected suprise, and i enjoyed every song. It was cold weather out in the lots before the show. Still neat to be out there. You could feel a little tension out there, but im glad i did'nt encounter that person those other reviewers mentioned. The Stanley Theater inside is quite a sight to behold in itself, all the gold guilt this and that, interesting architecture. The theater is almost like being in some kind of legendary old story in a exotic temple of some kind, and kind of framed the amazing show quite well. So much gold atmosphere. The lobby was jam packed with anticipated Bobby people. I think Bob Weir is an american music icon and legend, and he proved here that he once was and still is, not that he needed to.

Ok now the show, I dont know exactly how it works, but this night it worked like magic. From the sound of the opening notes, the whole vibe and sound of the band pulled the audience in to a kind of very positive groove. I don't think a cd of the show would do it justice, maybe. You could clearly hear and see that the band was in some kind of magic zone. You could see even from a distance that the band was ONcredible! mood, all the musicians seem to be having a blast from the past, having a great time of it. Bobs singing was impressive and the band was more on than ive heard alot of legends come to play. Every single song was a sheer amazing little jam. Sheer aside, i went into the lobby to get one of the Fall 06' tour posters, amazing i got it home ok. That poster features really stunning fall and Dead themed elements, amazing colors. You might want to seek out that particular poster as a future collectable. Well, my seat was up under the girders, and everyone was vibeing and dancing like i've never seen, including myself. Little beknown to me, the entire upper deck was also. I'm not even sure what great song it was, could have been Johnny b Good, the upper teir seats, the entire balcony was shaking up and down. Now i was under it, quite a sight and a little uneasy given the theaters age. Ive never seen anything like that, let alone heard such a great jam concert.

I won't go through the setlist as it was amazing, and the band was really on. They closed with Attics of My Life, and blew everyones minds with how Attics sounded. I even spotted a Grateful Dead related celebrity among the masses. That celebrity shall remain anonymus here out of respect. All time great show for me, and im sure im not alone. Thank You Bob Weir and Ratodg, and the usher for not ushering out smokey the bear. lol.

D-person, Oswego, NY