11/6/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, November 6, 2006
Sherman Theatre
Stroudsburg, PA


All together it was an amazing show, full of energy. Bobby was into it from the very beginning with the perfect opener into Minglewood. There were a couple slow songs but good ones--Row Jimmy, FOTD, Lost Sailor into the dance groove Saint of Circumstance. Don't Ease was a nice surprise. Mississippi Half-Step is always a good time, nice to hear Ship of Fools for the first time, and St. Stephen was sick. Deep Elem was SMOKIN it was my highlight of the night.

Matt Marsico, Scranton, PA
Well, this show reminded me alot of the excellent RatDog show I saw on 4/13/01 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Small venue with great acoustics, a decent bar within walking distance (as well as hotel digs), and Bob and the boys rising up to give a rousing performance. I love it when I don't have to drive after a show! First set started with a bumpin' jam that segued smoothly into Music Never Stopped. The jam was great on this and MK was shreddin' on the wah effects. A solid Minglewood with a nice turn on organ from Jeff gave way to a sleepy Senor. After Senor, the band snapped right into a fantastic Row Jimmy with Robin providing a strong foundation to the tune. Lucky Enough is always a nice surprise, and I loved the slower, ballad-type Friend of the Devil for once!! For me, the highlight of the first set was the Sailor>Saint>Don't Ease Me In that closed it. Bobby had some problems with the lyrics early on in Sailor, but all was quickly forgiven.

Set break, went back to the hotel for a smoke break and a few beers then arrived back in our seats just in time for the boys to hit the stage and start up KC Moan. A hot Deep Elem followed, and then a stand-out rendition of LL Rain came next. Great vocals and a great vibe from the band! At this point it seemed like the band was really hitting their stride, and the rest of this show smoked! Mississippi 1/2 Step featured a LONG outro jam that gave way to Stuff. Bob returned and the band played a long Wharf Rat/Dark Star tease that turned on a dime into Ship of Fools. Bobby can be quite a Prankster! A solid Ship then segued to the absolute highlight performance of the night for me, and intense run through Saint Stephen>The Eleven that clocked in at over 20 minutes!! After all that energy they threw out at the crowd, the band took their leave and returned for a rockin' US Blues encore. Talk about satisfying. This show was very good, and totally fulfilled my expectations! Thank you Bobby!!

Tyler Ainley, Royersford, PA
This show rocked! I thought the band was much tighter and the sound louder with fuller bass than my last show, Covington 6/8/05. I was glad the "applause" sign was gone from behind the band and Bobby remembered the words better than he did in Kentucky also!

The Music opener was sweet. The first set closer of Sailor > Saint > Don't Ease was great. The boys rocked their first Don't Ease into the Pocono night.

The acoustic portion was outstanding, especially Deep Elem and LLR, which was heartfelt and powerful. The second set rocked from there. They hit some special highs during 1/2 Step. Ship of Fools was mellow but things picked up mightily with St Stephen>The Eleven.

After Bobby enouraged us all to vote the next day, the US Blues encore was very well played.

I got the CD's yesterday and they confirmed my opinion - this show was awesome. It was also my son's first show, so that made it special.

Eric, Landing, NJ
Being a Jersey boy, I have the pleasure of being within a two-hour drive from many Ratdog shows when they tour the East Coast. I figured some little mountain town in PA on a Monday night might be fun. The venue had a great Web site telling you about it's history. This was a recently renovated theatre, and they thoroughly appreciated the sold out crowd. You got a wristband that told you where you should have been, but security was mellow and you were free to go outside if you wanted.

I thought the first set was slow to get going; the song selection could be considered "mellow," but the Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance ends with such power it gets you moving. Don't Ease Me In kept the momentum going, so much so that I didn't realize the Dog never played that song before!!!!! I love those things about seeing Bobby--he can still give you some surprises from time to time.

Second set was also "mellow" at the start. Bobby seemed so comfortable with the acoustic that I didn't think he was gonna put it down. Looks Like Rain is such a sweet song on the acoustic guitar. As in the first set, Ratdog finished more upbeat with a great St. Stephen > William Tell Bridge > The Eleven.

Before the encore, Bobby told us tomorrow was "gonna be a great day" because it was voting day and we all had the chance to go out and do our part. After his encouragement to exercise our rights as Americans, Ratdog kicked up a great U.S. Blues. The roadie guy walked around on stage waving the American flag during the song.

I spent many miles on the road to see shows 'cause I love to check out different scenes in the "lot." At this place, the "lot" seemed to be outside the front doors. There were two nitrous tanks out front on each side of the entrance of the venue and "smoking" was not a problem. The cops drove by the venue once and probably were wondering what a bunch of "boneheads" were doing in Stroudsburg PA on a Monday night.

Dave, Roosevelt, NJ
Just what I needed to get me through the winter. I loved the small venue and nowadays it seems Bobby may even be trying a little harder to deliver the package in these intimate shows. I'm just happy to be part of this big picture. This review is not so much a review as it is a thank you to Bob and the Boys. Can't wait for the spring. Hey wait, it is here all ready, see you this weekend at Penn's Peak. Saint Patrick's Day is sure to be special.

Sweendog67, Scranton, PA