11/9/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Blues Traveler opened

Thursday, November 9, 2006
Mohegan Sun Casino
Uncasville, CT


I thought this show was awesome. Blues Traveler was a little rough, maybe just too loud and distorted, but great to see them nonetheless. I have not seen them in a long time and used to see them all the time at The Wetlands in NYC.

On the other hand, Ratdog was on fire. The sound was great - loud but clear - and they all seem to be on the same page. Tennessee Jed was sooo tight, almost perfect!! Blackbird was awesome, couldn't help but think of Alpine '88. Silvio>Tequila w/ John Popper was hot and the Iko Iko was smokin!! And to end the show, a Sugar Magnolia that ran close to 15 minutes and blew the roof off!! Wow, what a night, and ended it with a perfect a capella Attics!! Great songs, great sound, very powerful energy! Thanks Guys.

Michael Roscoe, Medway, MA
Great energy! Clean crisp sound and a very nice setlist. Iko was sweet with John Popper (Blues Traveler guy) jumping in to the mix. Was hoping that Bobby would blow the roof off in Lowell after this show. Only thing missing was the parking lot scene. Great show over all though.

Kevin M, Glastonbury, CT
My goodness. Maybe it was just me, but I thought this was simply BAD ASS. Everyone up front was in the same frame of mind and we were all just into. The Silvio>Tequila etc. bit was mind bending. Sure, it was only a one setter with Blues Traveler opening, but they played sweet.

I had a blast rockin out with all the hotties up front who seemed to come from backstage. It was also great to see lots of people from my days on Grateful Dead tour. I only spoke with one of them, but I saw them and they saw me. You know how it is. The casino after the show was a fucking psychedelic circus. The music never fucking stopped, BABY!

weirdo, Blue Hill, CT
All I have to say about this show is that I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the venue and the song list. However the echo was strong because of the aluminum building. Also would have liked to hear more Dead tunes, but that Sugar Mags was out of this world and a great time. Caught Westbury too. Looking forward to the spring. Ridgefield Playhouse? The Palace in Waterbury? Yale?

Sean M, Guilford, CT
The one complaint that I have about this show is that Blues Traveler sucked--their sound was terrible and it was so loud and distorted that all the jams sounded the same, like a loud mess of noise :(

That being said, this was my first and currently (as of 11/28/06) only RatDog/Dead related show. Based on the performance here I plan on going to MANY more! It was the best concert I've ever been to, strong from start to finish. "Truckin'" started it out, which was great, and they ended the show with a version of "Sugar Magnolia" that nearly blew the roof off--everybody was into it. People were dancing and the air was full of smoke. I was very surprised to hear "Iko Iko" follow up "Friend of the Devil" and then to see John Popper come out and jam. The encore was beautiful, an a cappella version of "Attics." I can't wait til they go on tour this spring and hope to see as many shows as I can.

Evan, Bethel, CT
I have not seen the Dead since Jerry died, and when he did I figured that was it--hang it up and enjoy the memories.Then my buddy L-DOG told me about how he's been following Bobby around (Ratdog) and he said, "Mike you gotta go man; you're a Deadhead. "Saw The Dead 50+ times and I went that night in Connecticut at the casino. What a fuckin show. Bobby was awesome to say the least, and what a place to see them. Not a bad seat in the joint. Well, Ii can't wait for the Spring 2007 RatDog Tour. Hope to see you there!

Mike M, Worcester, MA