11/10/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, November 10, 2006
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Lowell, MA


Well, after an awesome night at Mohegan - what happened!! The sound was awful, Bobby was forgetting words left and right, and the energy just seemed flat. Oh well, can't win them all, but I thought being in Jack's old stomping grounds and the elections going so well it would have been another killer show. Good songs, just not delivered very well. Peace

Michael Roscoe, Medway, MA
Good show overall. 3.5 out of 5 stars. Came out firing w/ the Help > Slip > Money for Gas > Loose :ucy So Many Roads was a nice way to start to slow things down right through to the Lazy River Road. While the jam in Easy to Slip was building the crowd got rockin as they brought us back to earth w/ the Easy > Lazy. The Watchtower (I felt) was not as well played as the one I saw few weeks ago in Hampton Beach, but Hampton's watchtower was the first electric song in the second set, while this one was gaining build-up for the Might as Well, which was rippin right through to close the set Sorry, don't have time at the moment to review second set as I haven't heard it since the show itself Thank you for a real good time.

Erik, Western MA
Excellent show. The venue was really the highlight. The Dog played exceptionally in front of a sell out crowd. The set list was great. All Along the Watchtower was the best one I have heard from Ratdog. Everyone seemed to be pretty amped up, and the band was feeding off the energy. The venue staff was cool too; they didn't get too involved inside the show and let everyone do there own thing. Great show--looking forward to the next one.

Wwen, Boxford, MA
Above average show and the venue was excellent! This is a real fan friendly place. The floor ushers were nice old ladies who were polite and didn't give anyone a hard time. In fact once the music started they retreated to the corridors outside the main hall with their ear plugs. The area in front of the stage was open to anyone and the aisles were full of folks dancing and carrying on. I had friends who were able to move freely between the floor area and their seats in the balcony. This was the first of what I hope are many more Dog shows at the auditorium.

Rich, NH
Nice "Shakedown" in the parking lot before the show, but I was a bit disappointed with the show. Bobby seemed a bit distracted. I did enjoy the jams though and "Watchtower" was pretty hot. Broke the rule of leaving before encore was done and missed my favorite--Slipknot/Franklins.... I'll never do that again, no matter how tired I am. Peace to Tiffany and the guys selling chili. Hope you made Newark.

Rivy Zips, Glastonbury, CT
Cool venue. Great sound with the exception of the front of the house losing power in the first set. A little on the high-end in terms of EQ but a venue made for music. And man it was LOUD!

I went to this one sober but was in the minority, at least judging from the folks around me puffing and drinking like their lives depended on it. Funny shit.

As for the show, there were moments of brilliance, especially during "Two Djinn," "Fever," and "Victim or the Crime," all songs that would normally inspire a bathroom trip for me. Chimenti is just phenomenal on the piano, Weir gave a rhythm guitar clinic, Karan got nasty when he needed to, Brooks looked like he was going to fall over at times but played well, and Jay Lane was as good as I've seen him. He doesn't pull out the Kreutzmann syncopation on tunes like "Franklin's," but that's okay.

My only complaint: not enough Weir compositions. I suppose he needs to do the Jerry tunes to keep the fans happy, but vocally they just sound off kilter with Bob on vocals, in my opinion. Still, inspiring stuff at times, and I'll be back, yet again.

Tito, Narragansett, RI
Arrived way too early. Didn't even think I was in the right town till I walked by this rig with two sleepin wookies sprawled across the ride! Weir here, I thought to myself. The venue was wide open. If ya got through the door, you could noodle yer way to the front.

Beginnin of the show it sounded like my eardrum popped. I was actually concerned till I seen the look on others faces. Think a channel went in the audio. Great transitions of the classic Help>Slip. Love how The dog changes 'paces' with the Dead's arrangement. Keeps ya on ya toes!!

>$$ for Gas>Loose Lucy>SoMany
Great timin for the first chords of my first EVER live $$. Really love how it revs me up. Great dancin tune. Loose Lucy was a choice rocker from weir I was at! (By then I was right bout even with the first row center seats!! ) So many Roads took a bit to come together, but they found its pace before long.

Great timin throughout. Love the Easy>Slip>Easy Combo. Another beautifully rocked piece by the boys. Comes on strong, fades, rocks, n fades. Lazy River Road.... I'm not a huge fan of this one. Not jus Bobby's doin it. The tune itself. (Keep yer scathin comments back please! )

Watchtower>Might As Well
Watchtower played by the Dog is tight n loud. The initial chords progress into oblivion till they cut it back into a reggae rhythm, then slam it back to rock. Great time! Might As Well was a great surprise and a rollickin tune that whipped the crowd into a frenzy.... Wonderful way to end the first set.

@ Peggy O,@ Fever,@ Victim
Sweetly done by the Dog. Peggy O is the tune ya jus wanna grab yer gal an hold er durin. (Mine was home.) Fever.... Umm. Yeah. Nuff bout that. @Victim! Now thats what I'm talkin bout! Great version; still has that 'dark' feel to it, I think even more so played acoustic. Damn near lost it here folks..

Hes Gone>THEOTR1 >Stuff
Great sing-along Hes Gone. Always brings a giant smile to my face, an a tear to my eye. Now THEOTR1 was freakin unreal. They crawled right into it with THUNDER!! Sweetness. The final walkaway verses of He's Gone, a little ditty beat, some sax, some keys, then they all come together with it. Roll around in the beginnin, slowly buildin into a crescendo of light.... BADADADADUM!!! Robin drops the bombs and weir off. One of the best live tunes (save Terrapin) I've ever caught. This, my friend, is what keeps me comin back!! It surely left a smokin crater on my mind. Stuff was strange piano noodlin, with an eerie feel to it.

Dear Prudence>Two Djinn
Prudence was thoughtfully played through. I saw this young lady next to me practically break down in tears and fall into her man's arms. Yeah, one of those tunes! Two Djinn was great. Another Bobby tune that kicks me into high gear!!

E Two Djinn>Slip>Franklin's
Right back weir ya left me!! Reelin an a rockin. Slip>Frank was a great soundin endin to a great time. I rather leave on a rocker than a thoughtful ballad.

ArgusWest, New Hampsha