11/13/2006 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, November 13, 2006
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA


The first set opener was a Shakedown tease with Music Never Stopped as the opener. It was great and I was ready for another memorable show just like last year in ATL. Unfortunately, it did not happen. The rest of the first set was just okay, except for Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance. Mark really took it to another level and the crowd was into it.

The second set was marred by Bob's technical problems from the start. El Paso was just okay. Looks Like Rain was strong. The show went downhill from then on. I just don't like Jus' Like Momma Said. Bob left the stage for most of Dark Star with guitar problems, came back to do Standing on the Moon, and seemed to be totally distracted while playing some weak slide guitar. GDTRFB was great and the place went crazy, but it was too late. The show was over. The second set never made it off the ground. Brokedown Palace encore did not help after that uninspired second set.

HW, Atlanta, GA
All in all, the best thing about this show was seeing Bobby again. Otherwise, pretty blah. I found my self continually waiting for high energy riffs and tunes, which only came at the second to last song of the second set. For some reason, Bobby repeatedly traded out guitars--must have been five of them--in the second set which unfortunately interrupted songs, jams, and lead-ins. It was quite annoying actually.... He must have done this 15 times (which is why Dark Star was cut in half). Otherwise, the tabernacle was cool, crowd was small, and Bobby still has IT!

Keith, Atlanta, GA
It was good to have Bobby and the boys back at the Tabbie! It is a rock and roll emporium and a fine venue to let the Dog out and run. And run they did--great sort of rolling river of life and being a road warrior theme for the show. Bobby, so consequently the band, seemed happier and excited to rock out than the past two times through Hotlanta. All in all a great show. The tightness of this band coupled with Mark, Kenny, and Jeff all stretching out and stepping out musically made it a pure joy to be an appreciative member of their audience. Peace y'all! Let the Ratdog run free!

Songsfrown, Fennario
It's about life and it's beautiful. Love and understanding and compassion. Always relevant, pertinent, insightful, profound, meaningful. Critics asunder. Beautiful music, Big River flowing, Loose Lucy woven into deeper consciousness tapestry, shimmering Row Jimmy, Lost Saint, Foolishort. Weather Report by another name, Mama said to boogie on, Dark Star sung like no other - Thank you Bobby!! Standing on the Moon with a tiny tear, GDTRFB bonus round. Beautiful Brokedown sung as one. Deeply Grateful, thankful, and appreciative. If my words did glow....

John Phillips, Greensboro, NC
I personally thought the show was freakin sweet. I disagree with the 6.1 rating for the show. The thing about reviews is that they are just one person's perspective on the show. However I do agree that Bob's playing wasn't anything to brag about, but he's just ONE MEMBER of the band. I specifically remember Mark ripping solo after sweet solo all show long. If i had to say who the MVP of this show was it was definitely Mark. I was feeling Jeff and Kenny as well. Kenny was really getting down on Lost-Saint.

I agree with the earlier review about the El Paso. It was just okay, but the Looks Like Rain was very nice indeed. Jus Like Mama Said almost had me thinking it was Estimated Prophet because of the reggae like feel to it. I know this song gets ragged on a lot on these reviews but I enjoyed the tune and the jams in it. I gotta say that the entire first set was smokin in my opinion. Not one sagging moment. Robin was solid, as well as Jay. I thought the Dark Star was cool. A lot of people don't care for it but I like Dark Star (what can i say). The Standing on the Moon was soothing and nice. The GDTRFB was killer, high octane rocker as it should be. Encore was Brokedown Palace and it was cool. I rated the show while it was still fresh in my mind and i gave it an 8. The 6.1 rating had me thinking "were these people at the same show i was at?" I mean, I gave it an 8 without any hesitation.

This was certainly not the Variety Playhouse shows of a year ago in Atlanta but still beat doin' just about anything else. Maggie & I got to greet Jay, Jeff, & Bobby as they stepped off the bus in the parking lot, so it started out perfectly. The Lost Sailor>Saint was kickin, as was the GDTRFB. Possibly one of the best I've seen in 20 plus years. It's a great example of why the Dog kicks Phil & Friends' ass. Everything else was pretty standard fare. It's a sweet little venue, and hangin out 10 feet away from Bobby for 3 hours can't ever be a bad thing. Of course the Beam & Cokes didn't hurt the situation either. Can't wait for spring!

Al Peacock, Woodstock, GA