2/17/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, February 17, 2007
Moore Theatre
Seattle, WA


A sweet first set, honey-drippin ROR, monumental Eyes. Second set started promisingly enough with a rare (for me) Jack-a-Roe, then devolved into drudge.... And please, forget the bagpipes, they made me wince! The only good thing I can say about the end of the show is that at least a few fans managed to retain some positive vibes. I've certainly seen better shows, but will probably try to forget this one. Sorry!

Moe the Sleaze, Seattle, WA
Seattle always has a warm stage for Ratdog.

Ed Littlefield on Steel Pedal (and a little piano), and Jori Chisholm on the Bagpipes really stretched the sound to great heights.

When Jori and the band kicked out on the Irish Traditional bagpipe special, the crowd did go wild. You need an open mind to know what's good.

The sound in the Moore Theater was mighty fine. The crowd was mature. A good time was had by all.


Jace Mon, Bremerton WA
This was one of my favorite shows in a long time. I agree with Jace -- the bagpipe was a highlight. Something I never would have expected to sound so perfect with the band, but now it makes perfect sense. Fun, mellow, and apprecitive crowd loved it.

P.J. Hancock, Seattle, WA
I followed the Dog all the way up from San Diego and this was the final night for me. The shows got progressively better each night, which is saying something because the first night was a great one. I loved the bagpiper; never would have guessed one could work its way in to Wharf Rat, etc., but it was really good. I got in early and headed for a seat as close as I could get and landed about third row. Just left of center.

The Moore has TWO balconies so from where I was it seemed really tall. A worker told me when it was built, 'coloreds' had to use the top balcony, nowhere else. Wow. The place is Art Deco, upscale, and as West as one can get. So that shit was happening here, too. Don't be fooled, it was everywhere, and not that long ago.

A phenomenal place to see a show and we were standing and cheering all night, thankful for the set-breaks so we could sit for a minute. Lots of applause and cheering all night. When the piper came on stage and made himself heard, the audience went wild. They were as loud with enthusiasm as any crowd at any show I've been to. The night before, in Portland I thought I saw the Dog's most appreciative fans ever, but Seattle was even more so. It was a great show from start to finish, all highlights. Really! If you haven't heard this one, go find it. If you like it you will also like Portland and Las Vegas from the nights before. This was a very good time for the band that was firing on all cylinders.

Skywithflame, Upland, CA