2/18/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, February 18, 2007
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC


So I decided to check out Bobby and the boys in Vancouver on Sunday. Rumor from Seattle was that the band Is playing exceptionally well this tour, and they did not disappoint Jamming right out of the box into Golden Road. A rare treat is a live Dead-related show in this neck of the woods. Hearing the chords to All along the Watchtower and we knew we were in for as treat. A Memphis Blues rounded off the double Dylan slot. Hearing Bobby sing LL Rain was magical. The old guy still has it I thought. Bury Me Standing was a new song for me, and i liked it. Greatest Story was the all out Bobby-rocker we were needing, but I think they didn't really finish it, it just morphed into Women Smarter, a hard dancin number that was a righteous 1st set closer.

Second Set was even more so than the first. Acoustic KC Moan was fabulous. I mean really well played. My only small gripe is I wish that the Schwilly Kids would be a bit quieter during acoustic songs. Me and Bobby McGee was off the hook. Hearing Bobby sing "when Bobby sang the blues.." unbelievable. Look out look out the Candyman. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for the entire second set. China-Rider Jammed hard. Black Throated Wind was another highlight. Two Djinn was a first time heard for me, and it blew me away. Bobby is still writing really good songs. After the sweet jammin on Dear Prudence and the Samson encore, when the band bowed and left the stage, I was like "huh? is it over?" I would have loved a second encore, but it's not really fair to say that, when they so obviously gave their all for us last night in Van. We Bring Bobby back here soon enough.

spaceyjones, Victoria, BC
A good show, not a great show. Bob seemed a little distracted at times and left the stage at the end like he couldn't wait to get back across the border. The mix seemed to be a problem with keyboards and guitars competing for space, and the sax was virtually obliterated.

That being said, there were several high notes - "Greatest Story" was suitably funked up and Bob's road-weary rasp on "Dear Prudence" heightened its natural poignancy. And the Commodore is still one of the great spaces for live music.

knuckler, Vancouver, BC
02-18-07 was a wonderful Show full of energy.

Anyone who lives in Vancouver knows it rains alot! But on this nite it was actually sunny, It was perfect.. When Bobby sung "Looks Like Rain" it made the night even perfect cause it started to rain after the show.

I met some great people at this show which never surprised me and I am glad to see my brothers from the south come up and enjoy my city.

Hope everyone had fun!

Brandon Gill, Vancouver, BC
Long Live Bobby!!! This show is proof why bobby should ditch Furthur and get back to this terrific Band even if it means playing smaller venues and making less $$$. A simple name change of Bob Weir & Ratdog might help gain more of a steady following. Just listen to this night's acoustic material of KC Moan, Me & Bobby McGee, BTW and you'll realize just how special this band is!

Steve Jemison, Cordillera, CO