3/3/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 3, 2007
Rochester Auditorium Theatre
Rochester, NY


Some solid playing, but the combination of songs was uninspiring for me. Brown-eyed Women was sweet; otherwise the first set was a downer. The second set was routine, although the Miracle was powerful. All told, this was the most disappointing RD show I've seen in the last five years.

Ragman, Skulltown
Wow, I'm still Flying,1st.Ratdog show,Hope it's not my last. The Aud was so laid back and easy and peaceful...I have never been to a venue where I did not have to wait for the can...everytime...it was empty...The bar set up was {so so} about 15 minute's tops. Had bars on each floor{{{way to cool}}} But the venue and the people weir the best.And I can't even begin to discribe Bobby,except he was Hot as a pistol,and his soul was and still is On Fire.

I went with my nephew Mike the Wanderer. He just came back from Alaska and we had not seen each other for a few years,What a great way to get together and celebrate Life at a Bobby Show. I was the one who turned him on to the Grateful Dead and the meaning of who they weir and who they still are. It's All About The Love. Peace+Love to All you Kind Brothers+Sisters that are keeping That Love Alive.

PromontoryRyder, Olean,New York
Both SyRATcuse and RATchester shows were about as good as I've seen Rockstar Bob in a long time. Rochester got things started with a smoking Shakedown. extended vocal craziness and strong jam at the end. She Belongs was a bit of a downer, but that was ok. Easy Answers was very strong with big power slide. (on youtube). Followed by my favorite of the new three, Spinning Frankie for Gasoline (or whatever), beautiful harmonies in Crazy Fingers, MK shredded the BEW solos. EtS>LRR were solid. Bob's phrasing in LRR is perfect; at this point, I have to be reminded that it was once a Garcia tune. Big RR Blues ended things on an up note for the first set.

Second set started strong with a hot Deep Elem. Bob and Mark jammed it hard. Fever was fine. Big and dark Victim. More rockstar Bob for Miracle. There was nothing wrong with UJB, I just can't seem to remember it because The Other One was so big and strong, the obliterated what came before. Robin's big bass blew the back of my head off. They jamed for so long I thought it the vocals were never coming. And when they finally did, Bob was strong, forceful and direct. Jay unleashed in Stuff was a monster. F Bomb out of nowhere, just for fun. Do we always get Prudence in Rochester? And they worked it out hard. The jams never seemed to end. And the harmonies were spot on. UJBr followed by Rockstar Bobby OMSN. The Ripple>TOG double encore turned the Auditorum into a Grateful Dead revival.

After the show, I said to my friend Jim (who has been reluctantly going to Dead stuff with me the last few years--if they land on weekends), THAT is why I do this. He nodded in stunned and silent agreement (TD04 was fine for him, PLF06 was cool, but he nodded off a few times)

The venue and staff are always very easy going. I hope some of the rule breaking will be overlooked by the folks at RBTL, because I hope Rochester becomes a regular stop on the tours. (please don't set up a gas tank on the steps of the venue next time)

jeddd, RATChester
WoW all's I can say is WOW! What a great show... this was one of the best shows i've been to yet. i was completely satified. The fisrt one was the best though...Vernon Downs NY '03!!!what a trip that was.i still have the show stuck in my head. i never understood the music until i went to vernon Downs that year...now im completely stuck...cant wait to go to my next one. I dont care what anyone says RochChaCha Rocked!!!!COME BACK NEXT YEAR PLEASE!!!!

JoJoBarney, RochChaCha NY