3/4/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, March 4, 2007
Palace Theatre
Greensburg, PA


Drove 2 hours to show on terrible Western Pa roads. All and all the show was about a , average at best. Starting with a great Casey Jones and Minglewood I thought I was in store for an epic show, but by the end of the first set I knew that was not the case. West LA Fadeway and Let it Grow were Ok and China Cat Sunflower made for an alright time. Sugaree was atrocious,Bobby just can't seem to sing it. Venue was great, but next time I see them I hope Bobby and the boys are a little more tuned up.

Steve Papalia, Clarion, PA
This was the first Ratdog show where I didn't miss Jerry. Despite Bobby's coughing and sneezing fits in the second set, it was a stellar performance by the entire band. They have come a long way. The sound was terrific, very clear. Bobby gets a great tone from the hollow body guitar he is currently playing. Loved the Weather Report Suite and Desolation Row. Everything else well played. Ratdog has never been my favorite dead related band, but last night's show changed all that. There was something refreshing about the band and it's performance that I really appreciated. A great show. Can't wait to hear the cd!

Ned Ketyer, Pittsburgh, PA
This was my first Ratdog show and I have to say I was impressed. I was a bit nervous when Bob screwed up the lyrics of Casey Jones 20 seconds into the show but the show turned out to be very good. The first set was great - with a really nice sounding Weather Report Suite and the seconde set rocked. The highlite for me, believe it or not, was the encore. What a great rendition of Sampson and Delilah.

Jon Reese, Greensburg
Not quite sure what show Steve went to - this show was great. I've seen Ratdog over 50 times, and have to say - the last few months they have been rockin! They're no longer Bobby's backup band - they are a tight unit!

Sharkman, NW PA
My 2nd show, and it was better than the first. Casey Jones was thundering, (cept for Bobby flubbing some lyrics, but thats part of the show). i thought the minglewood was exceptional. Queen Jane was very well done. Loser seemed like it was just a filler. Take Me to the River and Lucky enough were excellent. Speedway and Weather Report cant be beat. The 2nd set was even better. The jam into me & my uncle was great. Me & my uncle was great except for some coughs from bobby. Cant say enough about the Desolation Row, absolutely epic. Silvio > Tequilla was excellent. L.A. Fade away > Iko Iko > Stuff flowed greatly. I really enjoyed Bobby's take on Jerry's West L.A. Sugaree was ok, seemed a little out of place, but good nevertheless. China Cat was lacking a little substance. Rider was great set closer. Samson & Delilah was a great encore, very fast paced and rockin'. overall id give the show a 8.5/10. COME BACK TO THE PALACE AGAIN BOBBY! thank you.

Steve Deems, Greensburg, PA