3/8/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, March 8, 2007
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


Sold out Beacon, great energy and the boys came out and started right at 7:30. The first set rocked with the band clicking as good as I have ever seen them. A real treat to hear they love each other, mama tried, and lost sailor stole the show. The second set had some great jams, a really tight looks like rain, it's always a treat to see Bobby, and it really looked like they were enjoying themselves on stage. If you are going to buy the CD the night of the show at the Beacon, be prepared, really long line and not a lot of space, it was grid lock trying to get out.

chris harkness, Hamilton, NJ
Awesome show! Been to 30 Ratdog shows, and this one was the bomb. Positive energy flowing all night. Security was definitely not the same, major disorganization and attitude. Definitely a show worth downloading if you were unable to attend the show. See you in Penn's Peak.

Godfrey, Vernon, CT
I thought it was extremely solid! 1st set was very good, 2nd set was awesome. He rocked the house. best i have heard in years.

WaveyDavey, Jersey

Where do I start?

I went alone to this show. Wouldn't be the first time. Decided around 3:00 pm that I would go. No ticket in hand. Massive traffic. No parking garages available. Scored a face value seat at showtime, right in front of the Beacon. made it in to catch the end jam of Music. Started smiling immediately and never stopped for the entire night!
Great to hear Mama Tried. They don't play this tune all that much. I like to hear Baby Blue somewhere else in the set as opposed to the Dead's propensity to use this as an encore. They Love Each Other was real sweet. Thanks Bob for bringing this song back. It's been a long time for me. Loose Lucy...a crowd pleaser as always. Then the real highlight for me in the first set. Sailor>Circumstance>Goin' Down the Road. Each tune played flawllessly, with tons of energy. Whew ! Hell of a first set !

I walked down from my seat in the Loge looked over the rail at the floor and spotted a friend, right beneath me. I went down, walked right onto the floor, noone even at the floor entrance to check a ticket and spent the rest of the evening in the 14th row.

Bob's acoustic bits were nice. The Stagger Lee, I understand was a first for Ratdog and Bob flubbed some words, but it was genuine, so it was cool. Mexicali was awesome, although I would've liked to hear the guy on trumpet who later joined the band onstage play the horn lines from the recorded version of this tune. That would've been a hoot. Looks Like Rain was freaking transcendent! Packed with emotion and power. MArk was laying down some St. Stephen type riff during the peaks, it was a great place to be. I'm not such a fan of the weird timing of Jus' Like Mama Said, but it was played well.

The jam at the end of Estimated was without question one for the record books. Mind-blowing, powerful, thick, thick, thick. As good as any version I've ever heard in my life, including on tapes, including The Dead. I know that's a bold statement, but it was that good. Bob just kept ramping it up and the place was going wild. It was...well it just was.

a nice long teasing lead in to The Other One was next and it built and built and finally Robin exploded those Phil bass lines and shook the house.

Some great tribal drums with a guest star on the same kit and DJ Logic, I thought was short, but intense while it was happening.

Another tune I like elsewhere in the set besides the encore slot is Black Muddy River. One of Jerry's prettiest tunes, I think it deserves to be delivered powerfully in the middle of a show and not as a mellow down and leave encore.

Sugar Mags was just absolutely frakin' huge. It was enormous. It was blisteringly fun. It was tremendous. I loved it. My face hurt the next day from smiling too much, and my legs were weak from dancing.

The guys drove the night home with an emotional Uncle John's encore. I thought it was the perfect encore for this show. Not a mellow down for your ride home. Not a traditional rock and roll classic Johnny B Goode to barrel through, but an honest to goodness Dead treasure to really enjoy.

I was happier at this show than any post Dead show I've seen yet, and for that matter happier than most of my latter years Dead shows. It was fantastic. Get the CD. Thanks guys, I'm glad I decided to go at the last minute. You made it more than worth my while. Now...do I go tonight as well...?

Chris, Glen Cove, NY
This show was very well played through out and featured solid Bobby tunes like 'Sailor>Saint", 'Estimated', 'Sugar Mags' and 'Other One'... great performance and a really good time--mellow security with the new MSG management and fans were the usual respectful selves. 'Estimated' was my personal favorite; nice build-up in "the jam.' Sugar Magnolia was also rockin. Having seen Peekskill and 3/9 this night has been the best thus far.

Brendan, Old Greenwich, CT
WOW! WOWOWOWEEWOW!!! Best Rat Dog show I've ever seen. Simple as that. Energy through the roof at the start with a booming Music right into Mama Tried. Baby Blue featured some delicious piano (as did GDTRFB). But the absolute high light - SAILOR>SAINT!!! The energy in Saint was surreal. I was down near the stage and man, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Then we get to the second set - MEXICALI!!! Estimated>Other One. The jam into Other One featured some terrific bass. So many guests made Stuff quite interesting. This show was great, intesity remained up there the entire night, and we all left feeling we had just witnessed something very special.

To the entire Band, I say, Thank you.

Scott "The Monkey"

Scott "The Monkey" , New York City
Great Show!!!! Very good,Nobody talked about Uncle Johns Band,the guitar solo in this was amazing.It sounded perfect..What a show!!! Keep up the good work guys...

MARK, Ozone Park NY
seen 500 shows since New Haven may 1977 simply the greatest estimated I have ever heard

sam, e.haven
Greatest Ratdog show that I've ever been to. Just sitting here months after the fact still gives me the goose-bumps just thinking 'bout it. They seemed to walk out onto the stage with a purpose and it showed throughout this diamond of a show. Every song on its own was a highlight but I have to give some individual props in the 1st set to TLEO (jammed out as well as I've ever seen/heard), Loose Lucy (for a REAL good time!) and the closing Sailor/Saint/GDTRFB, my GD dream finally coming true like a volcano errupting with my first-ever Sailor/Saint in person and the GDTRFB just sending the lava skyward.

Someone earlier had stated that the Estimated was the best they had ever seen. Ditto. And the rest of the second set was as well played as it could have possibly been. This was as complete as a show as I could ever have wished for.


Alex, Sunnyside, Ny