3/10/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 10, 2007
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


WooooHooooo! :-) The last nite of the Beacon in NYC (3/10/07) was crazy-wack-funky. The deafening crowd approval is all the review you would need, but if you weren't there lemme tell youz 'bout it. I am just a little cutie from Vermont now (had to be closer to more green) but being a former NYer, it was a real treat to find both solace with my 'family' & to have such a slammin' good time with my fellow dogs in the Big Apple. All the Fellas (& Donna, too) were Dead on...The transitions seemless...The Cassidy opener...then the StaggerLee, Bucket, Althea & the itty-bitty-Birdsong(at least I heard that)/Darkstar tease back into Cassidy were the highlights for me, but the whole evening was one gem after another done right! The jazz jamz were full of hep-cat-ness. The Stuff was Stellar. Can you tell I had fun in Row AA??? Thanx for the real good time!

Ali Chambliss, Guilford, VT
what an incredible show. the energy was great but that is always the case in new york. went to this show with my buddy mike with whom i attended my first show ever - jerry garcia band at kean college feb. 28, 1980. it was so worth coming back east for this run. highlights for me were the entire second set, lazy river, hell, cassidy and stagger. the black throated was incredible. can't wait for the dog at golden gate in april!

barry, las vegas
Great show, great energy, great venue. Loved the lovelite, stagger lee was hot. Loved the whole show.
The boys were definitly on. Took me back to the old days.

Gada, Newton, NJ
The portal opened on this groovy night ! The other side is looking better and better...Thanks Bob and the band for building the road with soul. The music is growing and the wave is shining bright with peace, earth vibes, sanity, love, and crazy fun. We believe you !

The Ice Man, NYC
It probably would have been the best show of the Beacon run if not for Thursday's over-the-top performance but this show was outstanding in its own right and the Shade Of Grey>Bucket combo was perfect and the BT Wind was religous in the best of ways.


Alex, Sunnyside, NY
Hey Man,

Donna, that is all that is needed to be said


Tom, Newton, NJ