3/13/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA


I don't know why I bother anymore. Nevemind the weak setlist, the band was unenthusiastic, uninspired, and completely devoid of soul. Good thing he seems to have a solid fan base of 19 year olds who don;t know any better.

Kenny, Boston
Show rocked, positive vibe flowing all night, jammin Bertha had crowd rockin !!!! Venue always a bit strick but what do expect for beantown.

Derek, Somerset
Solid show, but the set list was less than stellar. Set list on the site is incomplete -- there was an Easy to Slip in the first set. I think it came after Mission. Highlights were: Book of Rules, Bertha, Me and My Uncle. Orpheum always a good place to see a show.

Charlie, Marblehead
Show was pretty tight, last time i caught bobby was at lowell last year? before that the vibes, he sounded really strong with the band, Bertha, Eyes, opening with acoustic, real strong!

Steve, Natick
A little spaced at times but in a cool funked out way, Some great plays on bertha little red rooster and around and around venue is living in the past thats for sure and i think they had the heat at a dangerously high level like 90+ but all is well when the only beer they sell comes in size huge. The band was great only concerns remain with the venue possibly go back to lowell audt next time around or paradise rock club, even the north shore performing arts is a cool venue keep rocking when will the suprise new england spring/summer extras be announced?????

thomas, rollinsford nh
I'am a 4 decade deadhead with a big smile this morning! this show was the real deal-ratdog keeps getting better and better. for us old deadheads it's show like these that keep us going-for the new heads this was a real taste of the gd. Highlights for me were one of my all time favorite Hunter Garcia tunes-Mission along with one of may alltime favorite Bobby and the Midnights covers-Book of Rules! also a great black peter and the jams-Eyes-stupendous, Bertha,etc. Nothing left to do but smile smile smile!!!

Jeff, St. Johnsbury VT
Very good show but the Orpheum is terrible. The ushers were overly aggressive about not letting people move around and there was no smoking anywhere. And you could not bring beers back to your seats. Again, the band was great but the atmosphere was not. Bertha and Eyes were great; Mission in the Rain was not.

Mike, MYC
My buddy Dave and I have been to just about every New England show in the past 5 years. We both were saying at the break that the band, Bob in particular. were as good as we have ever seen them! Bob was totally into the music and it shows. You know every show we see could always be better, everyone has their favorites and that is just the way it is with Dog/Dead heads. I for one am grateful that Bob is still bringing us the music and I for one will continue to go every chance I get! The highlight for me last night was probally Bertha, and then Mission. Tell me you were not thinking of Jerry during that one. How about Bob starting the final chorus and skipping a verse of Bertha, he caught it right away and said an audible aw shit! Then went right into the last verse, it was funny and the band all had a good laugh also. Easy answers/Eyes/Black Peter was a nice run, you could tell the crowd was really groovin to Eyes, magical night all around. Heres to many more nights with the DOg!!

Everett, Falmouth MA
I agree with Kenny, i'm only 25 (not quite 19!) and my enthusiasm is dwindling a bit. i've seen ratdog many times and last night's show did seem less energetic than the others i have seen since 1998. blues inpsired sets don't have to be slow; in fact, they should be spirited! the crowd does seem to have morphed into a collection of teen-somethings, recovering wharf-rats, and the loyal legion that saw the original dead. at least its intergenerational,

i'm not sure what to make of this band, its not technically a cover band because bobby is in it. it's not the dead. but its not exactly an original act either, they don't write new songs! i think its hard for the non-bobby members to get psyched for the music every night when they didn't write the songs and weren't associated with the original scene.

that being said, mark is a great guitarist-- i like jeff on the keys, and i'm still gonna go to the shows and have some fun! robin the bass player looks like he stepped right off spinal tap. he looks like the 80's metal rocker who hasn't woken up since. call it nostalgic, slightly pathetic-- even a little depressing at times....

phil's band is usually good, but since his illness it might be off. not sure what to look forward to here?

Roger, Boston
I agree with Kenny only on the fact that the setlist was kinda weak, but otherwise there was lots of energy from the band.

bjm, Cambridge
From the butting-my-nose-in department: Everett, Ratdog cdoes write new songs. In addtion to the eight or so originals on 2000's Evening Moods, and a handful of other originals written since the band formed, they have introduced at least two originals in the past year: Jus' Like Mama Said & Money for Gasoline. Granted, a dozen songs in as many years, isn't a staggering output, but this ain't no cover band!

Steve, Denver
Whoops -- meant to address Roger (I think).

Steve, Denver
with a few exceptions, set list WAS weak. highlights were bertha & around n around to close first set. also nice eyes. but any show that includes rooster AND walkin blues, victim AND easy answers, touch as finale, and jb goode as the encore is most certainly suspect. show was well played... dueling saxes during the eyes was great!

ej, plymouth
I would have to say what a show ! Being a Deadhead since 1977, Bobby is not screaming like he used too. , a good thing. I have not seen him since 2005 thou He played a lot of Jerry tunes too. The tune selection was awesome. Anytime I walk into a show with Shakedown playing how can you not feel good. I was front row in the mezzanine and is was moving all night . Mission , Eyes, Bertha. Me & My Uncle, My night was fun . I felt the feeling from days past , what a great feeling . I am not going back on tour but it makes me think of the days back then . Smile, Smile, Smile

Chris Cormier, Yarmouth, Maine
What a fun night. Like the shows of days gone by their were high spots as well as low. It was fun to see Bob stepping in were Jerry left off, forgetting lines in Bertha!! Shakedown was fun, Mission in the Rain one of my favorite songs, Bertha and Eyes smoked. Many old Heads like myself, 5/10/78 first show, and good to see younger people keeping the vibe going were all around me. While I would not go back on the road to see shows I will always be at the local shows. Thanks Bob for keeping the music I have enjoyed for almost 30 years filling the air. It kept a smile on my face all night long.

Charlie, Cumberland, RI
I did not see the show. Let me say that 1st.
But Kenny has his right to not be impressed. So disagree with him but don't attack him.
I am a huge long time (first show 75) Dead/Dog fan but have seen shows like Kenny saw last night (whether or not anyone else saw the same show is almost irrelevant). Uneven results is what you gey when it's live w/o a net EVERY NIGHT WITH DIFFERENT SET LIST! wow.
My last show was a bust but I'll go again b/c the 2 or 3 before that were dynamite.

kav, cleveland
How come no body mentioned shakedown street? - was it just me, or was it GREAT? I thought the show was the best I've seen since last spring. - I could feel jerry grinning when bobby botched the lyrics on Bertha. - Geees I sure miss jerry !!

Sandynose, Merrimack, NH
I thought the song choice could've been better....I went to concord and boston...and it looks like the show i wanted to c they played in springfield...(o well)...1 Thing i really liked was Robin....starting in the second set...he was diffently throwing some bombs out there,,,,which i haven t seen alot from him...in victem and eyes...(very nice solo)...and as far as concord...i thoght that was the best mk i ever hear...hi energy....really on top of his game...and when he stepped up with bob during stones....that was a show stopper...Peace...my humble opinion...

Ronnie, Salem,NH
steve from toronto you rock man hope you had a good time in beantown . come back any time the rest of us down here are cool till the nrxt show steve keep on rocking.

shawn, woburn
This log has been censored. If you saw the removed posts you would understand.

Steve, Toronto
Well for what it's worth I'm not a dead head and I only attended the show because my buddy was asked to sit in with the band ... I have to say I thought the band sounded great, the vibe the entire night was excellent (at least for me) ... The band and crew couldn't have been more hospitable ... A great show in my eyes and I will be attending more. I really don't understand the negativity.

P~Feels, Boston
i have been to countless shows and rarly miss bobby or phil. this venue is got to be the worst one i have ever been to. we almost left it was so uncomfortable. the best rat dog shows i have seen have been the past couple years but the venue did this show in.

matt, natick
2nd attempt to post review??
Saw Falcon atop Weathervaine on church across from Orph. entry. on way in. Knew show would be Stella Best show ive seen RatDog do thus far. Set List flowed well with lots of energy. Bobby's voice was stong. The Boys are tight. Felt they raised the bar tonite. Place was jumpin & the place was packed.Possitive Vibe in & out. Great to See M & M's again just wish we could of Boogied.. Sax player was an added addition too. Had a real fine show. Thanks to RatDog & Crewi
Amy & Rchard Alberty

Richard Alberty, Vermont
Thanks Bobby, for the lifetime of music. Great show, makes me concider going on the road and selling some t-shirts this summer!

Jeff R, Portmouth NH
This show was on my 40th birthday. I'll admit it, I was kind of bummed earlier that day. I know its just another number, but I hate it every time that first digit flips over. Time keeps rolling on. I haven't been to too many shows since Jerry left us. Just started coming back around last year and, for this deadhead at least, the shit was ON this night! I just wanted to go somewhere and feel like I was in my 20s again, just for a night, and I got my wish. I found a good spot and danced just like in the old days. Felt like a dead show to me. Like I said, I haven't seen too many post-GD show to compare this one to, but, I felt I got more than my money's worth. (Thanks Bob, and the Touch of Grey was not lost on me).

David Eoll, Exeter, NH
Not one of Ratdog's better shows, but THANK-YOU Bobby Weir for keeping the music going, yeah we all miss Jerry but life goes on, just keep touring, Eyes of the World was Great, 2 sax's nice touch, Magies Farm also a good one, go home take a rest and see you at Bank of American Pavilion on July 10.

jack K, Woburn

bigboy, woburn
to kenny the first reviewer this may have been a bad show i havent listened to it yet but the "solid fan base of 19 year olds who don;t know any better." comment hurts im 17 and i get people telling me i dont know any better all the time but i consider myself knowledgeable in the dead field ive listened to multiple shows from each year in the dead and ratdogs history over 1600 shows in all i have worked my ass off getting up to speed to people who have been on tour for decades i dont care if you hate on certain shows but you never judge a young deadhead sorry i get so defensive but the truth is i probably know as much about the dead and offshoots as you do or think you do

phil, wherever bobby is