3/15/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, March 15, 2007
Springfield, MA


this was my 20th Ratdog show and i think ratdog is only getting better with age. This show was very good considering the effort they put in at the Beacon over the weekend. First set was nice n long, and i always enjoy the crowd participation in the tequila silvio dynamic. desolation row is very nice, and bob impresses me everytime he can pull off all those lyrics, although he does have that little tele promptor thingy. Heavens Door was well done too. The HIPPO drome was cool because me and my buddy got there late, thinkin wed have crummy seats because it was GA, we got to get real close and had a fun time... SNAKES ON A PLANE! -Krondizzle

Krondizzle, Hamilton, NY
Hey All,

I bring you great tales of a great night. This was one of my favorite Ratdog shows of all time. This one was for the record books. I am 36 years old and I danced all night long on the floor like I was 18 again. Everything about this night was fantastic. I am not the type to go song by song and review, just know that they hit every note just the way you would want them to. It was as if my dancingwas set to their music. Every so often that feeling comes alive and oyu just get tangled in a mesh of music and don't even know which way is up or down or even where you are for a brief moment when you close your eyes. This will be my only show of this run unfortunatelt due to other commitments. I guess thats part of m why I treasure it so much. Great crowd last night. Everyone was into it and friendly and easy going. This was an absolutley stallar performance. Cheers all! anf Thanks Bobby!

Sean, Guilford
Cold out in Lot & Cold inside. sound was not very good. Was frnt row Balcony. Where yah couldnt boogie had to move to 2nd row to boogie. Just wish I could of heard Bobby sing. Place dwarfed the music ate it up. under amped IMHO. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the show anyways. Rythum was solid. Band looked as cold as we were. I no not know how Robyn playe Bass with winter coat on, or Jay able to carry a beat with his leather on. Lotta great tunes to get yah mind off venue flaws. Great dancin tunes,. Marks 550th show. Wow!.

Richard Alberty, vt

mike, reading
Oh Yes, The Dog woke up big time, they brought out their cool simply awsome high school gym sound system and a 2 pack of dance tunes to groove us off the planet for 3 hours of boogie on the stars. After the howling ending to watchtower, I stepted right out into Joesephine, Haven't hearded that alive since the bobby and the midnights double billing with JGB, 81 maybe. As others say the more Dylan songs the better the show. Desoation row, then Knockin', St Stephen was a real treat and Good Lovin encore, man I was up for the rest of the night for sure. Very nice polite crowd, the band was having fun too. Thanks for the aplause Bobby, we appreciate you too. iYup second time here at the hippodrome I couldn't miss this one eityher. On the top 5 list for sure. Cold Rain and snow, where is spring? ON TOUR !!!

Loren, smellybearhollow, NH
AWESOME show ....much needed after a long cold winter..came away with a smile....

thistlelady, montague