3/16/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, March 16, 2007
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA


Friday the 16 th was one of the best !!! The snow sucked but Bob and Co. rocked the peak just like always

Mark O, Nanticoke
tailgatin in a blizzard.

bobert, philly
Ha ha ha ha that show was nuts. A blizard of bliss.Thanks Ratdog. see yall soon.

craig, well lets say Wharton N.J
anyone still in awe from that brilliant second set? Masters of War..Blackbird...The Weight...Wang Dang Doodle was killer. My first Terrapin experience, and god damn was it great man. The china cat/rider was also rippin if i do say so myself

Eric, Allentown
Wow, almost 25 years of touring and nothing compares to conquoring that mountain.. My 4x4 had an electrical short, Beats all, but we made it. I mean it was a blizzard, it hurt just to step out of your vehicle. The mood was cool maybe a little over half made the mountain. Tickets that were at a premium just 24 hours earlier were being given away by staff no less. The first set seemed like it was not going to let much happen and my expectations were low. I knew bobby was sick. But he never ceases to amaze me. Looking back, I think friday was overall better than sat only because of the terapin>warfrat>China rider, and we all love a ripple encore. The band was tight and Bobby thanked us for our effort. He's the one pushing out over a hundred shows a year and he thanks us. It just goes to show how dependent we are on eachother. Thankyou Bobby, I would of been happy if you came out and just did 2-3 accoustic songs but you do what you do and we love you for it, I hope you are feeling better.

sweendog67, Scranton/Taylor Pa
It was amazing how we got there. My dad drove his rusty Chevrolet but it was all worth it. It was my first show - I'm only 12 years old - and it was awesome. Thanks Bobby!

Cole, Nazareth