3/17/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 17, 2007
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA


Bob and the boys tore it up. Penns Peak is one of the headiest venues I have been to in a long time, very intimate, SchaaaaWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt

DeL, Lot
RatDog brought the energy level up a few notches from night one at The Peak to what was def a packed house for this show. Got that Jack Straw opener I was hoping for which set up a grate mood for the entire night. As I've said here many times, I LOVE the Dylan tunes and RD brought it all and a bag of chips on the Memphis/Supp jam out (this was my personal highlight of the night). A lovely Bird Song followed by a rockin' Odessa kept the crowd in it. As usual MK tore up his solo in SOG which was followed by a TJ sing-a-long and then an excellent rendition of LRR. The Railroad Blues had me workin' up a good sweat going into the break as the boys also nailed this one.

Set 2 opened with an oh so sweet Bobby McGee and Hard Rain combo (I do LOVE the Dylan) followed by a so so ES>OQ>TDE, they seemed to lose their way a bit through here. But were in the grove again for the TNK (not the best ever on this one either, but a very good one), and then they brought it up several levels of intensity with a roaring Half Step, including the Bobby/MK kneel down during the jam out. Some grate stuff lead to a well done Dear Prudence, but they really did not take this tune to the limits like we all know they can. The Bird Song reprise that came next was very disjointed IMO and then the set came to a close with OMSN, and again as with the end of the first set, a good sweat was worked up. Just as I thought I was gonna leave the two shows at The Peak without a completion of Terrapin, RatDog gave us an excellent send off with At A Siding and Terrapin Flyer, which was indeed flying.

All in all a grate two night mini run dispite the conditions outside, thank you RatDog for coming out in all forms of weather to play for us. Was also nice to see so many old friends and make some new ones as well. Peace All.

deadscott, Doylestown
Well, I had tix for 16th, but couldn't miake it up the mountain! First time that has happened, and hopefully the last. Therefore, I had high hopes for the Saint Patrick's Day show on the 17th. I picked up a sweet Penns Peak tee in the lot(thx Luke!) and enjoyed a few pre-show brews. One of the things that makes Penns Peak a great venue is the usually excellent sound for the RatDog shows there before. I have to say, Bobby's mic was WAY too low much of the evening. The band sounded great though, and it was an awesome performance. A jam into an average Jack Straw led into a highlight of Memphis Blues Again seguing in and out of Supplication a couple times, very well done! A decent Bird Song led to a jumpin' Odessa. Shade of Grey did nothing for me really and Tennesse Jed was strong but not mind-blowing. Lazy River Road really hit the musical spot for me, and I love any Big Railroad. Set break and then a smooth Bobby McGee kicked off the the second set. This was a real nice choice. Hard Rain's Gonna Fall was sweet, but seguing into Even So was a bummer for me. Having said that, both Even So and October Queen were decent and the band went off on the Deep End. Bob then pushed the band into a rockin'Tomorrow Never Knows which gave way to 1/2 Step, which ended up being the MVP of the night performance-wise! Bobby and RatDog pushed this jam to a great crescendo, and then it was time for the RD jam for the evening. Not the greatest, but not bad at all. Dear Prudence was better out of that jam, but the Bird Song Reprise was kind of scattered. Saturday Nite pumped up the place and At A Siding>Terrapin Flyer was my wife's favorite from this show. This show is definitely worth a listen if you weren't there.

Tyler Ainley, Royersford,PA
the peak is one of the best venues i been to, plays well into the feelin of what we try to get out of every show.

matt stoppay, sparta