3/19/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, March 19, 2007
Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD


This was such a treat! I haven't seen Rat Dog in over 7 years... so, I was ripe for a show. Let me tell you, they left me speechless! The crowd was so in the groove! Everyone there was still on the bus or just discovering the bus... and the bus was roaring!!! Thank you Bobby and the Boys (for a real good time!)

Gor, Frederick, MD
What an amazing show at Ram's head last night. The band was tight as was to be expected. Bobby had the crowd in a very festiv spirt from start to end. What an ending with U.S. BLUES!!!. Took my wife for her first Ratdog show. She had a great time, and I believe she is now hooked. Can't wait for the next time Ratdog comes back!!!

1 of the best shows i've seen in a very long time from doggy.

Ronnie, broadway
If the opening night beacon was bobby night, as it sure as hell was, tonight was Jerry night for sure. To hear: To lay me down, So many roads, Help-slip-frankins, West LA, Crazy fingers, Loose Lucy, Baby blue, Aiko, gave the show a jerry-esque feel for certain. But of course, the sweeeet weather report, and the sick two djinn put bobby's stuff on the radar for the evening. A great venue, good crowd vibe, great sound, made for a hot show in this somewhat inconsistent tour. Would we have it any other way? rock on doggy

dliebo, westchester, ny