3/20/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, March 20, 2007
The NorVa
Norfolk, VA


We missed most of the first set because the Norva people told us on the phone there was an opening act--and that RatDog wasn't due on stage until 9-9:30!!?!?!?! We strolled in around 8:30 with the first set already in full swing. :-(

The second set was truly awesome. A real connection between the band and the audience. Really inspiring. Truly enjoyed myself. Thanks so much!

Pierce Tyler, Portsmouth, VA
Lots of teases in the opening jam paved the way for a perfect night. Audience was really into it last night and the band seemed to feed of the energy that filled the room. Seemed to be an older crowd than in 2006 and I was glad to see many traveling friends i had not seen in some time.

Mark, Virginia Beach
PURE MAJIC crowd and band as one. This was my fourth show of this tour and it was the best........hands down, up, or any which way. I'm not sure how it could ever get better. They pulled out some really cool stuff and were just flat out ripping it like I've never seen them before. The Norva was also the nicest venue by far of the shows I've seen and the lights were incredible.......or was it just the.................? Hmmmmmmm

flyaway, Earth
It's hard to put into words, cause I don't feel like typing this much, so I'll cut to the quick. You know the feeling when that hair stands up on your neck? When it's that good?

It was that good.

Keith, Old Virginia
Amazing show - the music, the people, it was what it is all about. Thanks Ratdog.

Me, Flagstaff, AZ
Man, I just wanted to add a little more tune to this show so you guys know just how good this show was and how much it added on the one of the most fun shows I've seen by Ratdog.

O.K. it's added.

I don't feel the need to say any more.

Keith, Indian River Rd Ches, VA
My sister flew out for the start of the tour in San Diego and Ventura,so I felt like I should return the favor and I am so glad I did,they topped the Ventura show,when they played take me to the river the crowd was awesome,a fantastic show. Ratdog has brought the vibes back way to go and keep it up. We will see you at the Humphreys and Greek shows,just one St Stephen please

Chris, San Diego
saw the dead 53 shows,didn't know if bob could still fire us up! smoking show no two ways about it...openning with promised land in the ''poor boy's town'' , looking foward to another show, thanks guys!!! i was one of the older crowd,thanks very much.

dave w., richmond,va
Ive been going to ratdog ever since 2000 Needless to say this was the best ever! From the get go promised land delivered me to the promised land early followed not to far behind wth last time wich i thought was one of the best songs ive heard the dog play.From there on out every song was tight perfectly played in every note! GDTRFB ended the nite for me like no other.People just dont know how good these guys really are & i guess thats good in a way.to get to see these guys in a place like the norva close up & personal is to good to be true. These guys keep me going & every chance their comming around im gona be there Thank god for the dog!

mike s., waverly va