3/23/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, March 23, 2007
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC


Not only was it the best RadDog show I've seen, it was one of my favorite concerts of all time. And I'm 44!


Billy T., Asheville
I was completely disappointed at this show, it sucked. Salt Lake City? Did Bobby get confused?

Mimi, Ithaca
Having seen approximately 12 or so Ratdog shows, this was hands down the best of all. The song selection was great...the show was a rocker and I prefer that. Bobby's voice was amazing...Marks's guitar playing was superb from the start..Brown Eyed Woman vocals and guitar amazingly great! Love the bass player too. The venue was great...the vibe was great.

HW, Atlanta
Unbelievable energy. Definetly the crowning jewel of the last 3 nights. So many grate songs, amped vibes, and no end in sight. One of the best shows, off the charts. I especially got blown away by the eleven, and then a sugar mag closer. Great job dogs, and THANK YOU. Love, & Peace

derbygirl, Chattanooga
I thought they kick it so hard and the music was just so dialed in. Great energy great time! Kick ass Stephen-tell-11-darkstar mags, just incredible playing! First set pretty much ruled...josephine, book, bew, ramble on truckin all rulin. The fotd-v/c acoustic just flat out rocked, i loved it! Ya just got to believe in the power of music to transform the heart and these guys got so much heart! Thanks to the dog and the heads! Great show! Touch was on fire too! Asheville is a great lil town and the Blueridge Parkway has got so many sweet spots to get lost in nature...top notch!

tobo, ky
Awesome show dark star was sweet as well as the unexpected book of rules and many many others. Asheville is definetly not as kind of a city as it useto be.

EasyWind, easy coast
This was the second show of a two day trip for my wife and I. We have been seeing the Dead since 1976. It disapointed me to hear some people comparing Ratdog to the Dead. The band and show was great. This is a band that cannot be matched. Bobby gets better with maturity. just like my wife an I. It was great to see so many young fans. It made me feel proud when i was asked if I was an old Dead Head by younger fans. Keep it Bobby and you fellow Ratdog Fans. The previous night show at Athens, GA was also a great expereince.

Dan, Cookeville, TN
WOW! Man what can I say, this show was off the freak'in tracks and up there in the stratospere! Amazing amount of energy from bobby and boys! Mark played like he'd been charged with a bolt of lightning and fired solos at us all night that left us howl'in, dance'in and blow'in the roof off the place! Rock'in highlights were Bombs Away and a funky groovy Book of Rules....love the reggae stuff! Way up in the zone during St. Stephen and The Eleven, Sugar Mag was powerful final to a jamm'in second set! Can't say enough about the kind city of Asheville.....really cool vibe and the scene was shake'in, one of the best I'd seen in quite a while. I'll make that run to good 'ol Carolina anytime!

jamman, Louisville, KY
AWESOME SHOW! Just an excellent song selection and vibe all night. One of the best ever.

mamatried, winston-salem, nc