4/22/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Green Apple Music and Arts Festival

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Speedway Meadow
San Francisco, CA


The energy was great, but the set was a little short for my taste, but what the @#$% it was in Weir we trust, right on! I came to the conclusion that the rain on Sat. made the atmosphere alive when Cabo Wabo came out on stage and did a number on Loose Lucy. My bud didn't like it, but he is not realy a RatDog fan so I left him in San Francisco on my way back to San Diego. When I think back to Bob back in the days when he was with the GD I think that this guy is cool for help making RatDog what it is today after +700 performances and this came to light during Attics and during the whole @#$%#$% show. Even though this was a short show for the group the music was as good as ever and the Speedway made it possible for us younger GD fans to imagine what it was like in the 60's (just a taste). I made up my own imaginary set list of what I thought the band might play and I didn't pick one correct song but what the @#$%....see you in July.

AceDogFrequency1, Santa Clara